1 New Stitch Pattern a Week

I have been entertaining the idea of building a shop on Etsy.com for about a year now, and I have finally decided to jump in and do it! And by jump in I mean design some sort of business plan, pick my favorite things to give as presents to sell to others and test out a few ideas I’ve had brewing. So maybe jump in isn’t the right phrase, maybe just decide to do it.

What really inspired me was the knitting patterns from Tiny Owl Knits and the beautiful things I have gotten to make because of their store. I LOVE every single pattern they have and I thought maybe I could put things out there that people might enjoy as much as their shop. Until I can fully get a handle on how to write patterns that people could actually read, I am going to do a new swatch cloth every week until I have worked through all the ones my great grandmother had in her books. Going through all of her things I have found 24 I think and that is a good place to start.

Updates on my store, my products and my new endeavor to come.


Whatcha Thinking Friends and Neighbors?

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