Night of the Living Dummies….and Foam Heads



It was SUCH a huge surprise to come home today, especially because I thought there was a stranger in my house. Much to my relief it was just a wonderful dressmaker dummy, courtesy of my mother and father in law. When Trevor told them I was hoping to start a business, the first thing my mother in law did was go and find her dressmaker form and insist that I take it. Imagine, my first business model! (Wow, bad joke)



In addition to the dummy, my husband when out and bought two styrofoam heads for me to take pictures of my hats with. It was so touching that my family is so behind me in this endeavor, although poor Max doesn’t seem to know what to do with dummies and fake heads. For now, he is the only family member who doesn’t think this business is a good idea. But he’s a cat, so he’ll adapt.



I am hoping for some sun here in Ohio tomorrow to begin taking pictures of all the finished projects I have just to showcase what I can do. As it stands now, I am furiously knitting all night long to try to establish the things I want to sell. it is so exciting because there is so much family history tied up in these patterns that working just makes me feel wrapped in warm memories of the women in my life who are my inspiration to try harder. My great grandmother (my GG) would be so proud. 

Not too long until the next stitch pattern comes out! Until then, feel free to visit my Ravelry page for more pictures of finished projects and all sorts of wonderful things on the needles. Still Learning how to put in a link ( I know, so much to learn, but I’ll get there!)

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