Daily Archives: March 25, 2013

It’s 3:00 am and it is SNOWING!!!!

Poor Bird Feeder

It is late and the world is quiet. I, however, have music blasting and my needles clacking. The snow really started to come down in earnest around midnight and now it is just coating the world. It makes everything seems so peaceful, snow is like a mute button in the world. 

There isn’t a whole lot I can do with my camera at night, but I was able to Photoshop this image of our backyard so that you can see that we’ve got maybe 3″ of snow in four hours. Living in the midwest this winter has been magical!

I’ve been knitting like a mad woman today, planning on going through my stash and WIP’s tomorrow. Honestly, I am dreading it and putting it off. I HATE not using yarn that I have. My local knitting store, or Mecca if you prefer here is Knitter’s Mercantile and they alway accept donations of yarn for the women’s shelter in town. There is also a great donation program with the nursing homes and assisted living homes in town that accept donations. My great grandmother spent my entire life in an assisting living home in Huntington, WV and was ALWAYS knitting. I just hope that someone gets to enjoy the yarn as much as she always did.

Getting ready to update all the new pictures I’ve taken and cannot wait to reveal the week 2 stitch pattern.

Hope all of you out there are getting your beauty sleep. I will be here, watching the snow and keeping my knitting needles warm!

* Visit http://www.knittersmercantile.com for more information on their Knitting Mecca and http://blog.knittersmercantile.com for their blog. Amazing resources for knitters of all levels.