Daily Archives: April 7, 2013

Is Blog Envy a Real Disease?

In this peaceful place that is my grandparents home I had a plan. Enjoy exceptionally good home made food, devour lemon meringue pie that has made my grandmother infamous, catch up on some reading and sit outside and knit. The closed in patio screams to be enjoyed night and day and with the deer wandering aimlessly around the yard it was the quintessential place to relax. It has not gone that way so far.

Yesterday after my post I began to peruse other bloggers out there, and then realized that I have gotten myself into something that is WAY over my head. I have seen and read blogs, no, let’s call it experienced blogs that have absolutely blown my mind. They are so stream line, so appealing to the eye that it is hard to tear yourself away. I have read articulate, eclectic, intelligent (pretty much add any adjective for “good” here) that has made me realize I need to get on the ball! Apparently I underestimated just how important blogging would be. 

I should have known, oh woe is me.

So, I started to tinker with widgets, plug-ins, networking, photos and everything else I could think of only to realize I have only thought of about one-tenth of the things I should be considering. I am so impressed with everyone else’s blog that mine just seemed sad in comparison. I started, oh, about seven hours ago on and off and now I am calling time out.

I forgot about my knitting! I was so busy working on this site that I forgot to knit, which used to be my primary focus. But honestly, I am falling a little in love with the blogging universe and hope to catch up to my betters. Which now rates as just about everyone.

Here is hoping there will be a happy medium between creating things that are beautiful with yarn as well as computer code. Any advice? Feel free to leave it, I can take all I can get. For now, I shall remain humbly awed.