Hello Hinagiku Hat!

Spring has sprung here in the Buckeye State and I am loving every moment of it. Sitting out outside, watching the birds frolic amongst the bird feeders and the cloying sweet smell of freshly cut grass. Heavenly. With a new-found confidence that I will not allow either the panic monster or my arthritic hand from stopping me from doing what I love to do, so I pick up my needles and cast on. Hoping for the best.

* * * * * * * *

With circular needles in hand, I went on a hat making mission. Perhaps this is because of my miserable horror of making a pair of socks; I have the yarn, the needles, the pattern and overwhelming fear of failure! Out of misery came hats, so it can’t be all bad!

Max's New Favorite Hat!

Max’s New Favorite Hat!

The pattern came from Ravelry user 87Cafe and I loved the new twist on the daisy stitch. The moving of the first stitch to the last stitch created this awesome twisted texture that just had me head over heals for the pattern. Look and see! 🙂

Admittedly, I had some trouble with this pattern. The brim of the hat is a tight rib done on size 3 needles, which made my errant hand scream in protest. There was a lot of ice and Advil in the first section of the hat (not to mention a nosebleed. Oh the joys of aspirin therapy!) but it was worth it. Changing to size 8 needles made the daisy stitch seem like a walk in the park, even the K3tog went smoothly with a looser gauge. I tried to take more pictures of the process; maybe just to remind myself that it was getting done, there was indeed progress despite the many trips to freezer for a bag of soothing peas. All told, the pictures were inspiring to me. Picking up my iPod and scrolling through the photos was enough to keep me motivated.

As you can see, I had some fun with the filters. It was a nice distraction from the knitting, it also served as a way to rest my hand without feeling like I was failing. Working on the pictures was like working on the project, so no guilty no-no feelings about my knitting breaks. Plus, the whole photo editing with an iPod still seems so new and shiny, like a child with a new toy.

Confidence is a beautiful thing. After my husband read my post (yes, my husband read my blog 🙂 he wrapped me in a big bear hug and said “I never doubted you, I just want what is best for you. I want to protect you from pain, but you are obviously too damn stubborn for that”. It’s been a very, very good day.

* * * * * * * *

So, friends and neighbors, how do you take breaks from your knitting? With so many projects on the needles I tend to feel guilty not working on it. Even if it not knitting you are taking a break from, how do you relax these days?

10 thoughts on “Hello Hinagiku Hat!

  1. iknead2knit

    I also take photos as a way to take a knitting break. I’ve had carpal tunnel issues with two surgeries, I’ve learned that when my hands and wrists suggest I take a breather, I pay attention! Thanks for reading and commenting.

    1. allnightknits Post author

      Thank you as we’ll! I hope the surgeries improved the situation with your hands, I’m scared dumb of going under the knife again. Good vibes headed your way from the Buckeye state!

  2. Curls & Q

    Q – LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this hat! Fabulous job! The texture….. WOW! I have an arthritic right hand, but am allergic to aspirin, etc. I can’t crochet at all, but I manage to knit. I feel your pain.

    Now I want to get my iPod and “Play” with Instagram and the like to make fun pictures. Great pics!

    1. allnightknits Post author

      Thank you so much for saying so, this hat was a surprising delight to make! I am sorry about your aspirin allergy, I can’t imagine. Have you tried hot water bottles? I have one that sits at my side all the time, just a few minutes of that soothing heat releases the crimps and cramps in my hand. Plus it makes me do the “full finger splay” so my range is a bit different. It has always helped!

      Yes! Play with your iPod, apparently it is magical! Instagram and Vintique are my favorites, and it really can increase the detail in your photos. What will they think of next!

      1. Curls & Q

        Oh, I have instagram, hipstamatic, and mobile monet. Haven’t tried Vintique. Will have to get that one. LOL!

        Thanks for the hand advice. I keep a heating pad in my bed and by the couch to wrap aching hands in. Haven’t tried hot water bottle. Will try that too!

  3. Genie

    Love the hat! I want one! Mind you, I’m not very good at knitting hats, shawls, yes — because they are easy.
    Just gorgeous! The drape on the back of the hat is so attractive.


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