Best. Day. Ever!

Oh the giddiness! Just when the panic monster had all but beaten me down, I came home to a surprise that knocked my knitted socks off! My husband. Oh my beautiful, caring, loving, adorable husband had a few surprises in store for me.

Max, Addi-Clicks Lace and The Knitter's Life List!

Max, Addi-Clicks Lace and The Knitter’s Life List!

That’s right! My husband bought me the Addi-Click Short Lace Needles I have been lusting after…. forever! They’re incredible, there are not enough good things I can say about these needles. They make an arthritic hand feel like a fully functional one. The short needles don’t cramp my hands or remind me that my last three fingers (that usually unsuccessfully grasp the bottom of circular needles) don’t work because they don’t have too! I will fully admit that I gasped, screamed, squeaked, jumped, clapped (which is really funny to watch with my hand) and eventually cried when I saw these amazing needles in my home.


Me: They’re MINE? I get to keep them? Are you SURE? Where did you get them? How did you know? Why NOW? Why ME? Oh God… I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

Husband: Honey, you’ve earned them. Oh…and there’s more.

If I was the swooning type, I would have hit the floor at this point in the conversation. It took a minute for my vision to clear so I could see the book on the table. The Knitter’s Life List was sitting right next to the needles and I had totally missed it! Thanks to iknead2knit for this wonderful book suggestion, it may be the only thing in the house that can pull me away from my fancy schmancy new needles! The book is full of all sorts of tips, ideas and my all time favorite thing, lists! You check off as you go and the whole thing just….well….takes me to my happy place.

With two baby showers this week, a full-time job, a niece I adore more than words and a husband that will support me right till the end I gotta tell ya, this has been an amazing day!

9 thoughts on “Best. Day. Ever!

  1. Beth

    Have you tried any of the square needles from Kollage? Plus there are a couple of more manufacturers of squares but don’t know who they are. I’ve tired a pair and love them!

  2. knitxpressions

    How lovely of your hubby! And what lovely lovely presents he bought you. I’m looking out for a set of interchangeables to buy too and Addi is one I have on my short list…it’s the cost of a set of these that’s holding me back for now…

    1. allnightknits Post author

      I was lucky to find the love of my life at 17, if I never did anything else I could honestly say on my deathbed that I married Prince Charming! 😉

      As for your needle dilemma, I totally understand. These needles have been on my lust list for over a year – the money seemed astounding to me. But with 8 needles and 5 cords that’s basically 40 pairs of needles (or $4.35 a pair). Personally, they are the best needles I have ever worked with. My arthritis in my dominant hand used to cramp pretty severely with longer needles, but the short lace ones make me feel like I never hurt my hand!

      It’s a big purchase so don’t rush it. I will say that the case is super handy, no clutter and they feel amazing in my hands. Hope this helped!

  3. Hannah Rose

    This sounds PERFECT! Those needles are beautiful. Now you just need an all expenses paid yarn shopping trip. 😉

  4. Curls & Q

    Q – I must get that book! I just did a “Search Inside” at Amazon. Love it. Thanks! I too have a wonderful thoughtful husband, we’re lucky.

    1. allnightknits Post author

      Seriously this book is worth every penny, I adore it and it even has lists! My inner OCD is jumping with pleasure at the sight of getting to check things off!

      I do have a wonderful husband. I always say that if I never do anything else with my life I got to marry Prince Charming 😉


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