Knitting Emergency and Attack of the Panic Monster!

Beware friends and neighbors, there is about the be a full on attack from the Panic Monster….

This is Why You Don't Buy Cheap Needles

This is Why You Don’t Buy Cheap Needles

Now, I know this may have happened to many of you out there, but this has never happened to me. I am sitting, drinking my coffee and working a round of particularly demanding cables when BOOM! there goes my needle off the cord. Stitches are flying, cables are unraveling and my mind has just jumped into OCD Panic Monster mode.

Serves you right for buying cheap needles Rachel. This wouldn’t have happened with nicer needles. How are you planning on fixing your epic failure here? Hmm…you probably don’t know how to. Best to just frog the whole hat and start over, you’ll never figure it out.

– Panic Monster

So, sitting here I am faced with a dilemma, do I try to figure out how to get the stitches back on the needled or do I frog? Well, first I needed to pace the house a bit to calm down…then do the dishes…then clean the bath tub… After doing so I managed to save all the stitches in the goofiest fashion ever.

Needles and Cords Held Together...sans Harmony.

Needles and Cords Held Together…sans Harmony.

After saving the stitches and ensuring they were back on the needles/cord correctly I felt pretty good about myself.

Then came my next problem.

The needles I was using were a size 3, and I don’t have another pair of size 3 needles. Usually the idea – even in this situation – of going out to buy new needles would have been delightful, but there has been a stop put on:

  • Buying new yarn.
  • Buying new tools.
  • Buying new books.
  • Buying anything that isn’t absolutely necessary!

So…cannot afford to buy new needles, big deal right? Well, yes. It is a big deal. It makes me feel so small knowing that I cannot afford to buy something so simple as a new pair of needles to fix my project. I was so enjoying doing this hat and now the only way to finish it is to put it on a pair of size 4 needles and pray that you cannot tell the difference in the gauge. I am crestfallen, 28 years old and I cannot afford to buy a new pair of needles.

Back on the Needles. Just on the Wrong Size.

Back on the Needles. Just on the Wrong Size.

I keep reminding myself that this is bullshitΒ (pardon my language), and temporary. I don’t have cancer, no one has died, and money isn’t everything. I’ve never even really considered it a big thing – but then we’ve always both had jobs. I just wish the store would sell something or I could get a part-time job where I could bring in some extra money. I feel like I am letting my husband down, and it is a wicked bad feeling. I just never expected to be financially responsible for so many people (my niece (kinda), my mother and father in law, my husband and myself…and Max).


Okay…I’m back. So the hat is on bigger needles, the world will continue to turn and I am strung so tightly that gauge shouldn’t be an issue ;). So, I will hopefully finish this hat today so I can post about it tomorrow with the new stitch pattern. Until then, please enjoy the newest bird that has come to visit our feeder.

Footloose and Fancy Free Bird. Lucky Bastard! (Again, sorry about the language).

Footloose and Fancy Free Bird. Lucky Bastard! (Again, sorry about the language).








42 thoughts on “Knitting Emergency and Attack of the Panic Monster!

  1. kfklever

    I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the WordPress Family Blog Award! Thanks for making me feel at home here πŸ™‚

    I see you already received this honor…but you’ve definitely earned another!

  2. K. A. Jordan

    I can so relate – though I’m much older – to having to make due, after being able to get what I need, when I need it for many years. The thing is – you did it. You solved the problem, creatively.

    Hang in there!

    1. allnightknits Post author

      Thank you for saying so – it was a lot of whining but sometimes is so cathartic to rant and rave to my blog, sometimes I think that I forget people will read it.

      1. K. A. Jordan

        I understand.

        What I’ve learned over the years is that there are VERY few problems that can’t be solved with a little creative thinking.

        When I’m really stuck – I go clean my barn. It works every time. I work of the anxiety, the barn is clean and the problem gets solved. Triple win!

        1. allnightknits Post author

          I feel you, my bathtub is near sparkling! Next time, I will just post a question in a knitting feed and steal the genius that all these knitters have to offer.

          Thank you again for your kindness.

  3. salpal1

    Oh, it has happened to me, but not that a regular circular – but that problem is why I stopped using the interchangeable needles. Now, as for the rotten luck to be 28 and not able to buy a needle, as you worked at, it is just a matter of perspective. No, it isn’t fun or OK that you haven’t got a spare few dollars. But do remember all the things you do have – and try not to fuss about the ones you don’t. It will all come together and you will get there.

    Also, look at it this way – you got the dishes done! πŸ™‚

  4. Curls & Q

    Q – Clever you solving the problem. Most of us older readers can empathize, remembering what it was like not to be able to purchase a simple item when we were younger. You might not see it now, but to pass on wisdom for my dad, everything happens for a reason. In the darkest time, look for the silver lining it’s always hidden there somewhere. That’s gotten me through a lot of dark times, I think, and think, and think until I can gleam a bit of silver. One glint of silver for you is that you got creative and saved the hat.

  5. wak3

    I hate when that happens! I had it happen when I was working on a Clapotis and didn’t even realize it until I heard the *plink plink plink* of stitch markers hitting the floor! It looks like you’re back on track and made a nice save though. The hat will be gorgeous!

  6. Sara M

    I’m glad you got your stitches back on! Dropping them always makes me freak out. I bet no one will be able to tell where you switched needle sizes.

  7. knitxpressions

    *heaps of virtual hugs* I didn’t ‘like’ this post to mean I liked that you broke your needles. What I liked was your honest sharing of the emotions you’ve been through because of it. I’m kind of in the same situation as you – I don’t (yet) have a job so I completely understand the feeling of not being able to just go out and buy something, especially something you need. Hang in there. Things can’t stay bad forever. And about the hat, if it turns out there’s a visible difference with the larger size needle, it just gives the hat character and a story about a point in your life that makes it that much more special to you. That’s my 2 cents worth…

    1. allnightknits Post author

      I like it, spin it till it works right? As it turns out, I am about to cast off and you really cannot tell a difference. I am thrilled because there were loads of cables in this pattern and I loved it…I just wanted to see what it looked like finished!

      As for the rest of it, sometimes I think I rant and rave on my blog because it is cathartic – I do this sometimes without thinking that people will read it. Whining about money seems…selfish? self-absorbed? Lame? I dunno, one of those. I am so lucky for all that I have, I just needed some perspective.

      Good luck with the job search, I’ve been there and I sympathize! Fuzzy thoughts coming your way from the Buckeye State!

      1. knitxpressions

        Great to hear you can’t quite tell the difference! Can’t wait to see pictures πŸ™‚

        Well, ranting is good. We need to do this to get things out of our system. Yes, ranting about money issues may seem so petty, but unless one’s been in that kind of position, it’s hard to understand how it can cause so much stress. People and their love-hate hate relationship with the adorable currency! Anyway, you know to look at things with perspective so you’re just fine with that ranting πŸ˜‰ And thanks for the fuzzy thoughts!

  8. knittingwithheart

    Uh ohhh… this has happened to me too… when my Knit Picks cords popped right out of their needle tip sockets! “gasp” … Luv the line, “strung so tightly that gauge shouldn’t be an issue.” LOL… you have such a way with words ❀

    1. allnightknits Post author

      It is all done and luckily it turned out better than it had any right to!

      Honestly though, the only knitting friends I have are in the Internet. I have my LYS but I think they would frown on lending me needles πŸ™‚ I would love to find a knitting community in town, but my luck hadn’t been all that great.


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