Loads of Photos for the Weekend!

Geez, the weekend has already seemed to have gotten away from me! I meant to post these lovelies yesterday, instead I got to spend a glorious day with Gloria and T. Nothing is a better than losing yourself – and time – surrounded by your two favorite people. We played Scrabble, ate pizza, watched movies, painted our nails (not T of course) and just reveled in each others company. It was an excellent Saturday!

So on to the photos! T and I took a very long walk in one of the parksย around town, my Canon and I hindering our process of calling real exercise despite the 5 miles under our belts. It was so relaxing, very reminiscent of the cabin in the woods, and I came home with loads of photos. I hope you enjoy!

Hello Babies!

Hello Babies!

Who doesn’t love a little fuzzy baby ducky? I am trying something new here today – if you cannot tell. I have admittedly admitted that I am not a talented photographer, but I do know what I am doing with messing around with saturation and hues. So showing completely unedited photographs is a bit….terrifying. If I have learned anything in the past few weeks, it’s that the community that I write for won’t mind – if anything I am going to get some very constructive feedback.

The Heron.

The Heron.

Okay, I got a little (a lot) carried away taking pictures of the Heron – but he is so pretty! The edited photo at the top really brought out his natural coloring, the rest of the photos seem a bit dull in comparison. However I promised myself to show the good and the not so good here today.

The Water Tower.

The Water Tower.

I only took one photo, so edited it is!

Bird in Flight.

Bird in Flight. I love how confused the other bird looks.

I love the bird feeder, I know it is not from the park but I could not resist sharing!

Manly Duck...Just Relaxing.

Manly Duck…Just Relaxing.


Running at our approach.

The male ducks stayed together, never even approaching the females or the babies. I thought it was odd. Men, can’t live with them – can never try to understand what they’re thinking.


Fuzzy Focus. I like how it turned out.


I really like the ducks in the background with the plant leaves in focus. It seemed to be a very happy accident.

Both of these are edited, but not as much as you would think. The only think I did was to sharpen the focus and put a frame on it. All the rest of it was me remembering how to properly use my camera. It will take time and my hands will shake, but I will love every moment of it!

Look Who I Found Again!

Look Who I Found Again!

I’ve probably overloaded you with photos today. I really hope you enjoyed them!

This week my blogging plans are as follows:

  • No Page Left Unturned (the library shelves project I need to get on)
  • Stitch Pattern a Week (cannot forget GG and her antics)
  • My Parents 30th Wedding Anniversary Plans (part rant – part brainstorming)
  • Finishing the Header section with all the Stitch Patterns to date, just so you don’t have to go searching for patterns!
  • WIPs and FOs
  • More Photos (of course more photos!)

Have a wonderful Father’s Day friends and neighbors and I look forward to hearing from all of you again ASAP!

13 thoughts on “Loads of Photos for the Weekend!

  1. Curls & Q

    Q- Totally LOVE your photos. Who doesn’t love a mom and her babies? Notice further down the three typical dads just hanging out letting mom do all the work. LOL!

    That bottom Great Blue Heron photo is wonderful. Look at the feathers blowing in the wind. Really an awesome catch.

    The House Finches at the feeder, the female is saying, “There you go again, showing off your colors. What a dandy!”

    Thanks for sharing. I love how the ducks are in the background.

    It looks as if I need to go play with Photoshop and some filters. LOL! The water tower turned out well.

    1. allnightknits Post author

      Wow, thank you! Your input means a lot to me. I love taking photos and I love working with editing tools. There is something superhuman about being able to increase details that your camera captured but hadn’t yet been realized.

      When I started with the moon I saw the details with my eyes and glimpses of it on the film, but just a few click to change saturation and the picture was totally transformed! I highly suggest playing with. Try Vintique, Instagram and Flickr. They’re all cheap and work very, very effectively. The only reason I play with Photoshop is because I got it so cheaply.

      I hope you have fun with it and I cannot wait to see the pics. Have a wonderful day Q!

  2. knitnrun4sanity

    I really like the heron one. The eye really focus’s on the bird and the background is just that – background! Lots of lovely photos all around. Lovely to see how you have enjoyed yourself.


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