Wonderful Team Member Readership Award & My Mom and Dad’s 30th Anniversary

I have two really wonderful people to thank for nominating me for the Wonderful Team Membership Award, both Pretty Little Things in a Box (on June 14th) and knitxpressions (on June 17th) have gifted me with the honor of knowing that somehow or another I have been a wonderful team member! I love the idea of this award, that bloggers can thank all the people who have helped them – mainly because so many of you have helped me. I feel as though I am flattering myself here a little though, both of these outstanding bloggers don’t need my help, but I am thrilled to read their posts and offer my humble insights. To you both, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Wonderful Team Membership Award

Wonderful Team Member Readership Award (I REALLY want to create a New Award for this, much like blogger Movies, Silently did!)

Now onto the nitty-gritty.

To accept this award, I have to follow some rules:

1.The Nominee of the Wonderful Team member Readership Award shall display the logo on his/her blog. (check!)
2.The Nominee shall nominate 14 readers they appreciate over a period of 7 days, all at once or little by little. (check!)
3.The Nominee shall name his/her Wonderful Team Member Readership Award nominees on a post or on posts during 7 days. (On My Way!!)

I want to say an extra thank you to all of you I am passing the award to. You have supported me with both your advice, your motivation and your exceptional kindness. I have found a family here and you have made the world a little richer every day!

A World Created  ♥ knitrun4sanity ♥ Creatively Carolyn  ♥ lollyknits  ♥ yarnycakes  ♥ DaniellaJoe’s Blog  ♥ knittingsarah  ♥ Skyscrapers and String  ♥ A Tangled Yarn Knitting Adventure ♥ Lottieknits ♥ B.G. Bowers ♥ Cross(stitch) Your Heart  ♥ Intricate Knits ♥

So here are my 14 wonderful, insightful, helpful lovely nominees. There are so many other bloggers I want to give this award to as well, your insights have been just utterly priceless. To the nominee’s – CONGRATULATIONS!

** Planning a Big Old Party **

Mom and Dad Christmas Morning. 2011.

Mom and Dad Christmas Morning. 2011.

These are my parents, and in the literally thousands of photos I have on my computer – this is the only one I have of them together. Seriously, I just spent a good 45 minutes attempting to unearth a single shot of my parents in the same frame. I could suppose that this says something (very loudly) about my Mom and Dad, but I am choosing not to go there.

Planning this party is….interesting. With T out of work and every penny we have accounted for, planning the type of party that I would like to give my parents is proving to be quite difficult. Hours spent logging serious library time looking for affordable recipes to feed all the people they want to invite, going to big box stores to find the cheapest paper on which to print invitations and trying to be as creative as possible to make their day special.

The invitations have turned out quite well, another perk of having Photoshop on my computer I suppose. I am going to mail out the invitations and include a 4″ by 6″ blank index card for everyone invited to write a little note. The plan being that I will present them with this in an album the day of the party. I would love to ask people for pictures but I am not about to press my luck.

Then there are the centerpieces. My Mom suffers from COPD, which basically means that real flowers are absolutely out of the question; her suffering from a crippling asthma attack would spoil the entire party for her. So, what is a knitter to do? Well…knit!

Assembly Line.

Assembly Line.

Loads of Flower Stems.

Loads of Flower Stems.

First Attempt at Construction.

First Attempt at Construction.


First Trail Vase...Needs Work.

First Trail Vase…Needs Work.

The plan is to make these the centerpieces, all acrylic yarn and no asthma attacks! I figure 6-8  flowers per ice tea glass (its plastic but we’re broke, so I will forgive us). I am also going to do a very delicate i-cord in blue (for water) and spring green (for grass) to place in the bottom of the vase. I may do a type of bow around the middle, but simplicity is my goal and I don’t want to verge on tacky. Bonus: this is a GREAT way to stash-bust!

I am also making a scrapbook of their married life, all 30 years. I am a bit concerned about this because I have never scrapbook-ed in my life! My Mom dearly loves scrapbooks but I was just never able to get into it, I like the photos neatly labeled and able to stand on their own. Maybe it’s OCD, maybe I just don’t like putting glitter and stickers on my photos – but for my parents I will suck it up. I just hope that I don’t make it too boring, I think I might have to buy some glitter….

Whew…long post today friends and neighbors! I hope you were able to hang in there till the end because I have a very important question to put out there. Do you have anymore ideas on how to make an amazing party for my parents on a budget? ALL SUGGESTIONS ARE WELCOME!!



29 thoughts on “Wonderful Team Member Readership Award & My Mom and Dad’s 30th Anniversary

  1. Valerie Baber Designs

    What an amazing gift to give your mom with her asthma. She will love the flowers. All the work and love you put into them will be what she sees the most. The flowers are fabulous! Love them. Photoshop and paper are inexpensive. Try doing some great picks like the ones you have here and place them around. Or even in frames you own already. Good luck with the scrapbooking, make it the way you like it and your mom will love it!

    1. allnightknits Post author

      Thank you! My Mom tends to lean a bit mor toward gaudy when she scrapbooks so I am wondering if I should throw simplicity out the window and embrace glitter!

  2. knitnrun4sanity

    I think that you being there will be just great. It is people and the relationships that are important. Your flowers and scrapbook along with everyones thoughts will be more than enough for them I am sure. Thanks so much for the award 🙂

  3. Hannah Rose

    Congrats to your mom and dad! I hope the party is a success. And what a creative and thoughtful idea to knit the flowers since your mom can’t have real ones. They look gorgeous. I bet everything you plan and create is going to be gorgeous and your parents will have a very special day. It will be all the more special because of all the thought, effort, and time you’re putting into it.

    Thank you for the award! I’d love to participate in this, but I’ve yet to really get to know 14 people on here. There’s only 2 or 3 (you included, of course) that I keep in contact with on a nearly daily basis. I guess I need to make more of an effort and not let my social anxiety interfere with my virtual world also, haha.

    1. allnightknits Post author

      I was thrilled to give you the award! You know, if you only have a few just give it to a few – don’t let it stress you out. But if you want, try to share your work with more people, they’ll love it as much as I do.

      I totally understand the anxiety of putting yourself out there – my Panic Monster and I wrestle with it daily. But the community I’ve found here in the blogging-sphere has been wonderful!

      Enjoy the award, your kind words are treasured by me (thus the award)! 🙂

    1. allnightknits Post author

      Thank you, they’re cute now but we will see after – oh – 100 of them? 😉

      Enjoy the award, you’ve been a great blogging buddy with invaluable feedback and support!

    1. allnightknits Post author

      Oh I will, if only to take a break from making the flowers!! I think it would be neat for my Mom and Dad to see who it all came together – that’s my idea for the final blog post before the party!!

  4. knitxpressions

    Hiya! You’re most welcome about the award, and please don’t say that I don’t need your help ‘cos I’m sure at some point through my knitting journey you’ll be able to help when I need some 🙂 Anyway, LOVE the flowers! They look so fun and happy! Sorry I don’t have any party-on-a-budget advice to offer but I’m sure your parents will appreciate all that you’ve put into setting it up for them. It’s already starting to sound really fun to me!

  5. bgbowers

    Congratulations, Rachel, and thank you for the nomination. I think that is the best award so far 🙂 How are you and hubby? I have been thinking about you all week but haven’t had a chance to visit your blog, until now. My daughter has had chicken pox, my mom had an eye operation, my father’s health has deteriorated and I have sinus. Otherwise, all is well 😉 Lol! xox

    1. allnightknits Post author

      Gesh! Please put reading my blog at the bottom of your to-do list!

      Hope all is well and things are mending properly. It was an honor to get to nominate you by the way. Happy, healthy vibes coming at you from the Buckeye State!


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