Holy Crap Batman! I Need a Swap Re-do….STAT!

Oh Sheri, I feel you are about to get majorly screwed by my swapping inexperience!

I was approached by Sheri over at Confessions of a Refashionista: Life on the Zig ZagΒ a few weeks ago with the idea of a swap. I was thrilled, especially since she wanted the Link-like hat that I had so worried over. Her boisterous spirit and enthusiasm for the swap was so infectious – not to mention the fact that I would be sending something I made to Germany! Everything about this sounded like an amazing idea!

The Link-Like Hat for Sheri!

The Link-Like Hat for Sheri!

Too bad I have never done a swap before. I was woefully unprepared.

I received my package today and was floored by the enormity of the gifts and goodies inside this unassuming package. I will lay it out for you:

  • My very own copy of Confessions of a Refashionista: Life on the Zig Zag
  • Oh Yeah – My Copy is SIGNED!
  • My family eggy-nestlace where each egg represents a member of my little family (Me, The Hubby and Maxwell)
  • An incredible pair of rosette earrings
  • A “tassen teppich” – or Mug Rug – for both me and the hubby to stylishly enjoy or coffee.

I was blown away by the kindness and thoughtfulness of this gift – I also feel SO GUILTY my head is about to explode. Do you know what I sent Sheri?

  • A Hat.

Yup, ladies and gentleman I have epic-ly failed my first swap. I am ohhing and ahhing all over my goodies and poor Sheri is just getting a hat – I even forget to post the damn thank you card! So what is there to do? Do I send more things? I am definitely not at talented as Sheri – knitting is my main creative outlet besides painting and they are ridiculously hard to get through customs.

Here. Let’s look at bigger pictures of all this awesomesauce before I pose my question:

My Lovely Signed Book.

My Lovely Signed Book.

Signed Book


Family Eggy-Nestlace for Me and the Hubby, and Max!

Family Eggy-Nestlace for Me and the Hubby, and Max!

Gorgeous Rosette Earrings

Gorgeous Rosette Earrings

Tassen Teppich-Mug Rug2

Tassen Teppich-Mug Rug – Front

Tassen Teppich - Mug Rug - Back of Mug Rug.

Tassen Teppich – Mug Rug – Back of Mug Rug.

I want to thank Sheri from the bottom of my heart, this package was amazing! I have learned an invaluable lesson from this swap – if you’re going to do it, do it up right!

I want to do this up right…so friends and neighbors…what the hell do I do?

24 thoughts on “Holy Crap Batman! I Need a Swap Re-do….STAT!

  1. awesomesauceasshattery

    mwahahahahaha! I lurv it when I can blow people away! – it’s goal I strive for with all of my swaps (& gift-giving in general =O)

    I’m thrilled you love everything but absolutely do not feel guilty or obligated to send me anything more…I am completely knitting & crochet handicapped which I why I was so chuffed to have discovered your fabulous link-hat & be able to suggest a swap ;O)

    I shall be photo-ing & posting about it as soon as it arrives…I’m soooo excited! =O)

    1. allnightknits Post author

      I’m sooooo blown away, your package was better than Christmas! If you fall in love with the hat, will you at least consider letting me make you another in whatever colors you want?

      1. awesomesauceasshattery

        I’m positive I’ll lurv the hat when it arrives…and once again there is no need to feel obligated to send anything more (but if you really, really want to then absolutely any funky little knit creation your purty head can come with would be awesome ;O)

        *Those unfamiliar with, yet interested in crafty-blogger-swaps can take a peek at my swap-with-me link below…it explains the why’s & how’s + has photos & links to previous swaps: http://awesomesauceasshattery.com/swap-with-me/

  2. Sara M

    I’ve never heard of a swap before, but I am woefully ignorant when it comes to the blogging world. It sounds like a great idea.

    I’m sure she will be MORE than thrilled with the hat alone, but if you’re anything like me, your mind won’t rest easy until you send a few more goodies off to Germany. : )

  3. *Wisher*

    wow… I’m jealous of your swaps… heehee.. Looks like mind blowing my friend.. well-done.. you did a great job..
    glad you have enjoyed swapping.. Thumbs up.. hope to see more swaps post from you.. πŸ˜€

  4. cross(stitch)yourheart

    All fabulous gifts! I have swap envy! If you feel like you do need to send something extra is day find out when you’re swap partner’s birthday is and send her a surprise πŸ™‚

    1. allnightknits Post author

      You know I was only stressed after I got the package, she did such an amazing job. But I would totally do it again, now I am busting with ideas!! πŸ˜‰

  5. lollyknits

    I’ve never done a swap before, but your goodies are so awesome! However, even though you just sent a hat, think of how much time and effort and love went into that hat! That’s one of the reasons I love knitting, it’s a tangible gift of time.

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