Stitch Week 15 & Finding a Blogging Rhythm & Nerdtastic Photos

Before I start, the Read-A-Thon Schedule is posted! Click →HERE← for info!!

Ahhh…It feels so good to be back at the computer with a clear head and something new to share! Thankfully this week I did not lost GG’s notes – not moving around a whole lot was quite helpful as it turns out. So, with no further adieu – here is Stitch Pattern Week 15!

Full Length of Footsteps Pattern.

Full Length of Footsteps Pattern.

Since I went through all of my stitch dictionaries and normal internet sites searching for a name, to no avail, I am naming this the Footsteps Pattern. It looks a bit to me like murky steps in crackled snow. That could be the lingering effects of pain killers but I like it and I am going to stick with it.

For those who read the blog the following content needs no explanation, but there is hope that there will be new readers out there! So here is the low down: My explanation is bolded and it’s italicized – it may also be a bit snarky if the mood suits me! 😉

** The Pattern as GG Wrote It vs. The Pattern That Makes Sense…To Me. **

  • r1k2p2 – Row 1: K2, P2 across entire row. (Very kind of you GG- my thanks go out to where ever you are).
  • r2k2p1addp1over – Row 2: *K2, P1, YO, P1; Rep * across the entire row (I thought about taking back my thank you – what does add mean? Well….I went with YO).
  • nrk3p2 – Row 3: K3, P2 across entire row. (It appears that numbers were becoming a hassle, so nr is taken as “next row” in my book. It feels a bit like a guessing game doesn’t it?).
  • nrk2p2 – Row 4: K2, P3 across entire row. (Alright, simple enough….feel like I am getting my footing back…haha….footing….get it?….bad foot?…Never mind)
  • nrk1k2-p2 – Row 5: *K1, K2tog, P2; Rep *across entire row (now the “2-” I am again left guessing that it is “k2tog”. In reality, I may be messing this whole thing up).
  • k1addk1p2 – Row 6: *K1, YO, K1, P2; Rep * across entire row. (Good grief, not even a “nr” – just a space from here on out).
  • k2p3 – Row 7: K2, P3 across entire row
  • k3p3 – Row 8: K2, P2 across entire row (Again, I am guessing that the “p3” was written wrong – not enough stitches to cover it and it doesn’t really work with the rest of the pattern).
  • k2p1p2- – Row 9: *K2, P1, P2tog; Rep * across entire row (Whew, it’s over!!)

Fun with photoshop and loads of apps up above today, I am getting more and more intrigued about messing around with hues and saturation to make the stitches pop. I think I may be finding a nice rhythm with it, or perhaps I just really like playing with photo editors. Either way works for me.

There is a part of me that thinks I cannot find this pattern because I have translated it incorrectly. Honestly, the stitches are a little wonky but I still think it is fun – not to mention it is just a dishcloth. Hopefully I have done the old girl some justice!

** Blogging Rhythms **

So the question I want to pose to you today is how much should one publish in a post? I tend to get overly excited about all the things that are jumping around in my mind and end up with very long posts. I wonder if I could reach more people (or just keep them interested) if I posted more often with less content. So, friends and neighbors, what do you think?

** Some Goofy Pictures for Surviving My Diatribe!! **

Flowers in the Park - Before the Foot Injury.

Flowers in the Park – Before the Foot Injury.

Niece with a Magnifying Glass.

Niece with a Magnifying Glass.

Hubby Magnified!

Hubby Magnified!

All Formal for a Wedding. Not Really Goofy but Fun!

All Formal for a Wedding. Not Really Goofy but Fun!

17 thoughts on “Stitch Week 15 & Finding a Blogging Rhythm & Nerdtastic Photos

  1. greatbigdragon

    I would say that if you have enough content to justify making two posts instead of one, then you could make two posts, but in the end it’s your call. I often read that you can get more readers with shorter posts.

  2. roguecrafter

    I think less content/more posts is a better way to go…because what if someone is really interested in something at the bottom of a post, but they don’t try to read it because the top of the post doesn’t grab them/seems too long?

  3. Hannah Rose

    Given people’s short attention spans these days, short posts might be better, haha. I have no preference myself. I think it’s your blog, your choice! That’s part of what make the experience so unique.
    I’ve been so busy making crochet jewelry that I haven’t been practicing knitting. Your posts always inspire me and make me want to pick up my needles though. I definitely need to practice yarning over. My holes always come out wonky.

    1. allnightknits Post author

      Everything is wonky when you first start and you’re doing great! I am über impressed with how well your doing!

      I guess you’re right about shorter posts but I write (when I’m blogging) like I talk – like I’m with a group of friends. I like that, but I still want people to enjoy it and not get bored. I just don’t want the writing to get all formal and

  4. lollyknits

    I think that you could break up your posts more, not because they’re too long, but more so that you have one major theme in each post. You could even do multiple posts in a day if you’ve got a lot to talk about, so that when you look at the title, you sorta know what’s going to be in the post, and don’t miss anything important.

  5. knittingwithheart

    I like that stitch pattern and think “Footsteps” is a great name for it—especially given your current footsie circumstance… awe ❤ As for post length, I try to fit mine short… That way, I can see it all at a glance and won’t take-up too much of any precious reader’s time 😉


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