Rachel’s Brother Here

Rachel and Trevor just called to tell us they may be longer than expected. The place they were staying flooded and they cannot get out. They were going to come home yesterday but its only gotten worse.
The guy who rents us the cabin knows us so the isn’t charging so they’re basically getting a big LNG free break. My daughter said I needed to blog so here it is, she also says hi.
And fr the record, she and Trevor did make it the whole 24hrs and still have stuff to read. And for Rachel when you get back, pls don’t ask me to go this again.

9 thoughts on “Rachel’s Brother Here

  1. salpal1

    Rachel’s brother, you are a real trooper! And Rachel, I hope you are enjoying the forced extra long down time, and have enough to read and knit! I look forward to hearing all about your adventures when you return.


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