New Catching Fire Trailer – Better Images of the Shawl!

With all the wonderful designers out there looking into making this shawl – with no still photos – here is a new trailer with a much better view of my knitting lust!

22 thoughts on “New Catching Fire Trailer – Better Images of the Shawl!

    1. allnightknits Post author

      I think so too, it almost looks like there is a hidden clasp back there. I think the draping of the designs I have seen are an improvement on something awesome!

      1. Anonymous

        I’m about halfway done…but I need a picture of you or something so I can better judge the measurements. Basically need to know how big around to make it at the widest point. I’m huge so don’t want to base it on myself or it will fit you like a horse blanket. LOL

      2. stitches'n'scraps

        for some reason, i’m having trouble posting this reply. If it comes through 3 times, i’m sorry! I’m about halfway done with this pattern, but need to know an approximate size to make it… I’m huge, so if I go by me it will fit you like a horse blanket! Do you have a picture I can use to judge the size? or can you let me know an approximate size? looking for the widest point around…


        1. allnightknits Post author

          Widest point – I am a 42DDD. My shoulders are a little broad from rowing but it’s the chest area that is gigantic! I doubt you are huge, and I’d rather have something loose then clinging to my chest – I never outgrew being self-conscience about it.

          1. stitches'n'scraps

            Hmm, ok. I guessed and went with 19.5″ between shoulder seams, which should be about a size 16/18, but will add a few more rows to make it extra roomy in the shoulders – it actually doesn’t close around the bust completely so should be ok there 🙂


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