Too Funny Not to Share

A little giggle is good for your health! πŸ˜‰

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33 thoughts on “Too Funny Not to Share

          1. lottieknits

            Ooh talking if misbehaving that just made me think of another British-ism!
            What you would call a Bachelorette party we would call a Hen ‘Do’/Hen Night/Hen Party (a ‘do’ is slang for a party) and for the blokes it’s a Stag Do!

            Depending on budgets, this can involve anything from a trip to Las Vegas or Ibiza or a mis-spent weekend in Prague or the slightly run down seaside town of Blackpool (it has a tower a bit like the Eiffel Tower in Paris but considerably less romantic), or a night out on the town in your nearest town or city.

                1. allnightknits Post author

                  Ha! I know at least 5 male strippers by their first names! I am proud to say that I have hosted 9….yes NINE…bachelorette parties since I’ve turned 21. No one can really do it as well as I can πŸ˜‰

                    1. allnightknits Post author

                      It’s not like you think…I am not some wild, crazy girl. This is funny, you’ll like it.

                      In high school I dated this beautiful boy, oh! So lovely! Also….very gay. Of course I didn’t know that then but after I graduated he came out and we stayed really good friends (I was engaged to Trevor and really, who cares if someone you dated your freshman year was gay). A
                      Anyway, he shall remain nameless made quite a life for himself as a…dancer ;)….and invited me to come see. I did and he really IS a good dancer. I went out with him for drinks and some of the other…dancers….came with us. They were all so polite and kind and kept any gross guys from bugging me. We kinda became friends and then when my friends started getting married it made perfect sense.
                      I look at it as supporting tip-earned hard working business!! πŸ™‚

                    2. lottieknits

                      Haha! I like it! πŸ˜‰ I guess you’re paying them back for looking after you – every girl needs friends like that – people can be so errr…. how can I put this…. over familiar…. especially after a few pints.

                    3. lottieknits

                      I guess it is very British πŸ˜‰ I should set you a challenge to drop as many British-isms into your next post as possible! πŸ˜› The trouble is they all seem normal to me, so there are probably plenty more I’d never think of.

                    4. allnightknits Post author

                      She loves it! Gloria is in this stage where everything is British this and British that…I just hope she doesn’t start doing an accent in school πŸ˜‰

                    5. lottieknits

                      Hahaha…. No, you don’t understand, the British you hear on TV mostly don’t have an ‘accent’ as such (not to us Brits anyway), certainly not in Downton Abbey (apart from the chauffeur – but he’s Irish) as they all speak posh πŸ˜›. So to me Gloria wouldn’t be putting on an accent at all (although it would most likely still sound slightly American to me).

                      There are lots of different accents here, even though our whole country is perhaps only the size of one of your States.

                      Apart from the more obvious Welsh (which is slightly different in the North and South of Wales – there is also a Welsh language, but not all Welsh people speak Welsh, and almost all speak English as well) and Scottish (which again vary – a Glasgow accent is not the same as an Edinburgh accent) accents there are:
                      Scouse accents from Liverpool (think The Beatles),
                      Geordie accents from Newcastle,
                      Brummie accents from Birmingham,
                      West Country accents of varying types from Somerset and Devon,
                      Cornish accents from Cornwall,
                      Yorkshire accents (Yorkshire is quite a big county so the accents vary between cities such as Leeds and Sheffield)
                      Lancashire accents,
                      Cumbrian accents (where the Lake District is) as well as….
                      Cockney accents in London and the surrounding area.
                      In Ireland there is a very clear difference between a Northern Irish accent and a Southern Irish accent, but again there are particular accents for different areas of both parts.

                      There are probably more beside that I have missed out, but there is a lot of variation! Gloria has plenty to choose from πŸ˜‰!

  1. giftsfrommt

    My husband just looked at me funny for laughing out loud at my computer… which made me laugh harder… if he only knew HAHAHAHAHA


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