Breaking the Ruffle Scarf Diet

I broke my ruffle yarn diet after I hit 100. Yuppers friends and neighbors, this girl right here has made 100 ruffle scarves – and all but 7 are sold! There are still orders for 5 more and I am waiting to hear back from a few groups, but I have decided to put them aside for a bit. Here’s how it happened….

** The Break-Up **

I awoke to Trevor and Gloria unfurling ruffle scarf yarn for me on Saturday. I am not ashamed to admit that I teared up looking at the two of them pondering the inner-workings of the complicated yarn, as if it was an awesome mind puzzle. I can knit the scarf in less than an hour if I don’t have to pull apart the yarn so this saves me a ton of time! I decided right there and then that I was going to take a break, I was going to be able to knit them so much quicker that it was time to do what I was dying to do. I guess you could say the ruffles and I are on a break.

So I got up my needles and made three baby hats!

I have a love/hate with making baby things – I am choosing to look at the love part at the moment. The hats are adorable and they knit up so quickly. Working with circular needles, heaven! I was going through all my baby patterns trying to find my next thing to conquer when something changed…..

** The Email **

So this morning I received an email from Lolly over atΒ Lolly KnitsΒ and (take a deep breath) it was the Katniss Catching Fire pattern! If you are new to this blog or didn’t read the post, I made a desperate call to anyone that could help me figure out how to make this for my niece. She did it and it is fabulous! I was so excited that I printed out the pattern, got in the car and bought everything I would need to make it.

I got home in a mad flurry, rushing around trying to plan how to make this as quickly as possible when I saw my loving hubby shooting me the stink-eye. When I asked what was wrong he said ” you have so many things started and you haven’t finished them”. I tried to explain that I was NOT a monogamous knitter and that I just had to make this Katniss Cowl right now! Trevor being the sage that he is proposed something then….

“Why not use the pattern as a way to motivate you to finish started projects?”

Well that adorable butt-head had a point, and I’ve started to run with it.

** So Much to Do. So Little Time (and Patients) **

So I sat down and looked at my UFOs, and tonight I finished my super thick, warm and comfy scarf.

I have quite a few other things on my list to do before I get to knit the cowl, but with the motivation instilled in me by Trevor I am hoping to plow through them. Imagine, an empty UFO basket! It won’t last but I am going to run with it!

** UFOs Begging to be Finished **

I think that is all of them (oh God PLEASE let that be all of them!!!!)

** For Your Viewing Pleasure **

Well friend and neighbors, you’ve made it through my rants and my newest goals. Coming soon to a computer near you will be a segments on: What I am Drooling Over on Ravelry and if I can manage it Interviews with Bloggers. Until then, here are some super adorable pictures!

Have a great Wednesday!

29 thoughts on “Breaking the Ruffle Scarf Diet

  1. Christen Mattix

    holy smokes, the last time i read your blog you were lamenting not selling a thing, and now you have sold almost 100 items! how did you do it? please, please share! i’m so happy for you, and a wee bit envious (but smiling)!

    1. allnightknits Post author

      Thank you!

      I actually didn’t sell anything on Etsy. I made a bunch of ruffle scarves to raise money for a friend of mines child (she’d been in the ICU for 8months months before she passed and they were raising money for her funeral;()

      Anyway, a whole hospital full of people I work with, my mom works with and my grandmother just fell in love with them. I started getting small orders and making bulk for my Mom to take in (after we raised all the money for the funeral I still had a lot of stock). It really snowballed from there. Take knitting into a hospital and set it out and probably 100 people will see it in 8 hours.

      Honestly, I just go really, really lucky. Now I just need to show them what else I can make! No more lamenting for this gal πŸ˜‰

  2. itwasjudith

    Great that they sold so well, but also that you’re getting a break from the ruffles πŸ™‚
    Looking forward to seeing your Katniss Catching Fire FO, and if LollyKnits releases the pattern, I’d be happy to try it out (and donate if possible).
    Keep up the good work and have fun (at least a bit)!

  3. lottieknits

    Well done! I think you deserve a medal for getting to 100 scarves without a break.

    As for the WIP pile….. PAH! You haven’t seen mine πŸ˜› it’s so much worse! Next to mine, that looks like the WIP pile if a knitting angel. Just start the cowl! Mwahahaha! I’m such a bad influence!

  4. knittingwithheart

    Hey, great job! 100 ruffle scarves in a row… wOw! I wonder what the guinness world record for handknit ruffle scarves might be … hmmm?!? That baby hat balloon is a great idea! ❀


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