Help! I’m a Sweater Virgin!

So I am working on the Baby Sophisticate sweater, prepping to start the KAL I’m co-hosting with Stacy.

Here is my problem, the pattern is telling me to measure the yoke….What is a yoke and where is it??

Tried knitting forums but I’m still not figuring it out – any help is appreciated!!


29 thoughts on “Help! I’m a Sweater Virgin!

  1. Nicky Barfoot

    If you are knitting top down I think what you have photographed would be referred to as the yoke, i.e. the bit that goes around the shoulders. The measurement would be from cast on edge i.e. the neck, down to the live stitches.

  2. Knitsomniac

    The yoke is what you’ve already knitted in the picture you posted. I’m assuming this is the sweater in question? Just as when you knit a top down raglan you have your four sections: front, back and two sleeves. On a raglan the increases for the shaping are very visible and yoke sweaters are definitely not. So your yoke is the same thing (front/back and sleeves)
    I highly recommend Elizabeth Zimmerman’s works for more info on this. She has the best no-nonsense approach to explaining things. Look up EPS, or Elizabeth’s Percentage System and you will feel a lot better equipped 🙂

  3. musingrunner

    I would measure the middle and I always like to measure with my knitting hanging down, as it would on my body. Although baby knits don’t really hang down unless the baby is up and walking 🙂

      1. Knitsomniac

        What is the next step of the pattern asking you to do? If you need to measure the yoke to adjust how the next part of the design goes or even just to see if it’s the right size for the baby who will be wearing the sweater it could make more sense. I would think though that you would need to measure at the widest point where the stitches are all live.

      2. musingrunner

        Good luck with the baby sweater. I made one pair of baby socks and swore never again. Somehow they take as long as adult socks. They bend the rules of space/ time.

  4. Sara Crafts

    You should be fine measuring the front or back section of the raglan. I usually let my knitting “hang” when measuring it, too, just like another commenter said. The yoke is the bodice part right before the sleeves start.

    What’s funny, is that I put Hannah in her very pink Sophisticate while she and I ran errands. It was so nice and cool this morning!

    Enjoy the rest of your knit! I can’t wait to see the FO. I loved, loved, loved making that pattern and now all my blogging friends have me wanting to knit another!

    1. allnightknits Post author

      I saw this made as a stash busting project from another blogger and just had to try it – I mean come on! It’s adorable!
      It’s so strange to learn to do something new in knitting, like learning how to cast on all over again or reading a foreign language. Once you get it your slapping your head but until then it’s a bit worrisome.

      Thanks so much for your help! Lets cross out fingers that I don’t muck it up 😉

      1. Sara Crafts

        You’ll do great! I mean, c’mon, you tackled lace and the shawl turned out beautifully!

        There’s a tiny bit of short row collar shaping at the end, but it’s easy peasy.

          1. Sara Crafts

            Short rows are where you don’t go all the way to the end of the row before turning. It adds some shaping to the garment. In this case, the collar is wider around the neck and tapers down towards the button band.

            Craftsy has a free tutorial on the technique, but you can find a bunch more with a quick Google search.


            I’ve just sent you a photo of my Sophisticate on FB Messenger. I hope it helps you visualize my poor explanation a little better.

            1. allnightknits Post author

              Your explanation was excellent! I appreciate the pics, I am busting through this sweater (a whole day off knitting rampage) and it’ll be very handy 🙂 Thanks for the link as well – all of it is very helpful 🙂

    1. allnightknits Post author

      Ha! At least your adventurous enough to go off pattern – I’m still muddling through finding the confidence to do something OTHER than what’s already been written!


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