Custom Order Progress Update! Three Very Ambitious Hats!

I feel so lucky to be working on this custom order. You know, having quoted such a low price (all my fault) has really taken a lot of the pressure off. Which is strange, because this is some of the most intricate knitting I’ve done it a while. Wanna see? I wanna share!! (the last one may be my favorite!β™₯)

** Fancy Cables for a 3 Year Old **


9879546385_b0428e52fe_oThis toddler-sized cabled hat was…ridiculous, but in the best way possible! Every section has a new cable to look at, which as a knitter is always a bonus for me. The yarn may be 100% acrylic, but a little guy is going to be wearing it, so my guilt is minimal. Also, despite the rumors, after it is washed – it really is much softer. Plus, I’m only charging $5.00 a hat. πŸ™‚




This is probably the least interesting of all the hats I’ve been making. Following the same idea I followed with the Honeycomb Hat, I picked a rib stitch and a cable stitch and let my needles fly. I even used the same decrease. There is an odd sense of satisfaction with creating something all on your own, although I am sure some other knitter has already done it. Either way, it is another hat off my needles.


There are a million reasons that I am in love with this patchwork knitted hat. I love the color changes. I love that all eight panels are different. I love the little fluff at the top of that hat that you get with a simple running stitch. More than anything I love how this hat told my knitting story.

You start with the garter stitch, the first thing you learn as a knitter. Moving on to stockinetteΒ and then seed stitch. These were my go to’s for probably my first whole year of knitting (I had a limited imagination, as well as very limited time to learn). The next panel is actually the wrong side of twisted ribbing, the first thing I every really messed up as a knitter. The whole hat was inside out and I didn’t notice! So I went back and learn the basic rib stitch to allow my confidence to grow back. After getting a handle on how knits and purls changed texture I added the basket weave stitch to my go-to dishcloth pattern. With my confidence reignited I went back to the twisted rib stitch, this time correctly! To finish it off was learning the basic cable – and it’s all history after that.

I will fully admit that this hat made me cry a little. Goofy, I know. I just imagined myself pregnant, knitting a hat like this to bring Trevor and I’s baby home in. I don’t know if that will ever happen (although I am a bit of a pessimist where this is concerned), but a hat that shows knitting progression just felt like life progressing. The thought that our lives will progress without a child can quite literally take my breath away. However, I will gladly take giving it to someone else, letting them bring home a baby in a hat made with unconditional love.

End of diatribe.

Well that’s it for me friends and neighbors, although I may have blown my blogging load and it’s only Monday! How about you, where are you getting your knitting/blogging inspiration this week?

29 thoughts on “Custom Order Progress Update! Three Very Ambitious Hats!

  1. Rob's Surf Report

    Apparently I’m getting it from you, because I want to make a patchwork hat now!!

    That being said, the first cabled hat is amazing; I still have to learn to cable knit and I would say a single hat like that is easily worth $15 dollars. Whoever’s getting these hats is getting an incredible deal!

    Also, try to keep your chin up to the last about the baby-making deal. My wife and I had a tough time having the first one, and we’re having an equally tough time having the second one. She has PCOS and does little to manage it, plus we don’t always have time to work on it, but until you’re told in no uncertain terms that it’s not possible, don’t give up!

    1. allnightknits Post author

      I am pretty happy with the hats, and if you need any advice on how to learn to cable you can always ask!

      As for the baby stuff, well, it is what it is. It’s just been one of those summers where 7 out of every 10 couples we know have had a baby (and 5 had twins). I’ve been knitting baby thing for months – mostly generic stuff. This stuff, this order, is stuff I would make for my kid. We won’t give up and we haven’t been told to do so – just needed to rant I guess. Thanks for listening! πŸ™‚

    1. allnightknits Post author

      Thank you! The hat is super customizable too – it’s 8 stitches per panel, so any pattern that fits those parameters would work. Could lead to loads of different baby hats! πŸ˜‰

  2. cedwards83

    Those hats are amazing!! I love that patch work hat. Beautiful.

    I remember the feeling of knitting for others and wishing for a baby of my own. I did 3 years of infertility and countless miscarriages. Don’t give up!!!

    1. allnightknits Post author

      Infertility treatments made me fat (all the steroids actually did that), then I was crazy on the shots. We’ve had 5 miscarriages that we know of, but I don’t think I’ll give up on a family.
      I hate being asked this question but did you get your baby?

      1. cedwards83

        I did. I had 9 miscarriages ranging from 4-13 weeks throughout. I ended up doing progesterone to sustain the pregnancy and crystles and herbs to get pregnant. The hormones and junk didn’t work so I went the “crazy” route lol. My rainbow baby is 19 months old.

          1. cedwards83

            I am a fan. I did amethyst bracelet and rose quartz plus had a medium and a “witch” bless them. I was desperate haha!! I also did estrogen patches so it could of been either πŸ™‚

            Thanks! She was worth all the pain and struggle.

            1. allnightknits Post author

              I can only imagine how wonderful she is:) Good luck with the munchkin, for now I’m gonna focus on knitting and not stress – that’s what all the doctors tell you right? πŸ˜‰

  3. Knitsomniac

    You are so beautiful. What love and care went into those little hats. I know that the recipients of each little hat will feel it too. Thank you for sharing this story with us. Xoxoxox


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