My Mind is Officially Blown :)

Something really amazing popped up in my WordPress notifications, even if it is a week or two old I wanted to share!

Are You Sure About This?

Are You Sure About This?

I cannot believe that this is right. I mean, really? Since March 13th my little hope of having a knitting blog has come to alive. I am totally awed and so freaking humbled it is scary! Who are you, my dear friends and neighbors, who find me even slightly interesting? I spend my time devouring your words, your photos, the little bit of your life that you wish to share. Now, it seems, that you are kind enough to afford me the curtsey of doing the same.

I hope this isn’t annoying or showy, but I wanted to share all the stats with you. It seems that since I quit staring at them daily that they’ve changed a bit.

  • Total Followers on WordPress: 525
  • Most Visitors in One Day: 344
  • Total Visitors: 13,519
  • Total Comments: 2,730
  • Total Posts: 120
  • Total Tags: 964
  • **** **** **** ****
  • Total Instagram Followers: 359
  • Total Facebook Page Followers: 68
  • Total Twitter Followers: 37
  • Total Tumbler Followers: 45

I wish that I was in a place financially to give something away, something as awesome as I feel right now! There will be a time, sooner than later I hope, that I can share my appreciation with everyone that puts up with this little blog. It’s strange though, even if no one read this I have learned so much from you in the past six months – more than I can ever express my gratitude for.

So thank you friends and neighbors, you have made my week!

35 thoughts on “My Mind is Officially Blown :)

  1. Nadine Roberts

    No it is not showy. It is encouraging! May be one day I’ll write a post like this. Your work keeps us coming back to see what you are doing. Plus people like me like your writing style, simple but informative. Keep up the good work while doing everything else in your life. It shows it can be done!

  2. Hope Rays

    Absolutely Awesome! Isn’t it wonderful to connect and what a great feeling it is to have people really interested in you & your blog! I love looking at our stats too- though they are not as great as yours just yet ;)…. Have a great day!

    1. allnightknits Post author

      I really enjoy your blog, I am sure that you will be there in no time. But the attitude is right – be thrilled with each and every commenter and follower, their precious!

  3. salpal1

    wow – that is great! Aren’t stats fun? 🙂 (whoever dreamed I would say such a thing after suffering through math and stats classes…. 🙂 )

    1. allnightknits Post author

      My Dad has never read a book but is a math genius (seriously – genius). He pushed math down my throat growing up so I’m good with math….I still don’t like it though 😉

              1. lottieknits

                Haha, to be honest even us Brits can barely get away with it, but it does sound funny if you say it in what we would call ‘received pronunciation’ or a ‘BBC accent’ like the sort that you hear on wartime newsreels!


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