Where Would I Be Without You?

If this doesn’t warm your heart, then I don’t know what will!

Trevor and Alissa and Yarn


For those who don’t know, I am incredibly arthritic in my right (and dominate) hand. When the great Ruffle Scarf Endeavor started I was okay with the knitting, not okay with pulling all the yarn apart. By the end of the night my hand was a ghastly purple bruise, even with ice and Advil the swelling was hard to control. My Etsy Shop had never really done any business until the ruffles, and since I was helping to contribute to our household I never said no to an order.

After a while though my hand was a mess, I couldn’t hold utensils to eat and my knitting was slowing to a snail’s pace. Well, here came my incredible family to the rescue. It started with my husband. Trevor started pulling apart yarn and placing them in the reusable bags we use to grocery shop. My hand was starting to heal but still lagging, and I felt pretty darn guilty for asking him to help.

Then, miracles or miracles, my niece…my Gloria…wanted to help as well. She’d come over after school and just pull yarn without ever being asked. It seemed natural to her to just hunker down and help. That’s just how she is. Before you know it, I was back to full knitting ability and my hand almost looks flesh-colored again!

Trevor and Max and Yarn

If I’ve ever lamented over anything, and I mean anything, then it was because I didn’t realize just how lucky I am. Being rich would be nice, no doubt about that – but I would never trade it for these moments, these amazing people in my life. Somehow I am lucky enough to have my two favorite people (and my favorite cat) helping me to do what I love, arthritis be damned.

Seriously friends and neighbors, does it get better than this? ♥

30 thoughts on “Where Would I Be Without You?

        1. allnightknits Post author

          It’s going – I got another order for 14 more ruffles and I still have 3 adult-long scarves to make.
          I think after this I will take a breather from scarves;)

          1. monsteryarns

            OMG! Will you be sane after you’re done?! I’ve “outsourced” the ruffle scarves to my hubby 🙂
            BTW – I’m sure you know but you can crochet the ruffles. It may just help your hand to have a break…

              1. monsteryarns

                164! Serious respect.
                Don’t worry. I still haven’t got the hang of how to get people buying off my eshop. Face to face is fine but I can’t give up work based on that! And I can’t carry on doing two jobs for ever. Like you!

            1. allnightknits Post author

              Thank you! Now if only someone would buy from the actual store. I haven’t really figured out how to do that yet, but the orders have been judy giddiness-inducing!

  1. katythenightowl

    How wonderful for you. Not only do you get much-needed orders, but you’ve also got two amazing people to help 🙂
    I do hope your hand eases enough to do all that you need to, Hun 🙂


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