All Night KAL – Week 4 – Time for Body Work

jayashri sweater - week 4So despite the rather poor photo quality (I like browns in my house, obviously) the Jayashri Pullover is coming along quite nicely! I finished the decreases and now it is on to either six or seven inches of straight body work.

This should be the easiest part of the sweater, just mindless knitting in the round allowing some length to accumulate. I am a little worried about the bust increases, it is something I have never done and I have a rather ample bust. For now though I am just going to enjoy some straight up mindless knitting.

I am worried about the time factor this week, because this week looks insane! I have loads of ruffles that need done and two adult female from my Etsy store to do. I also have to go to work, feed myself and my husband (and the cat if he is good) and sleep. I’ve been keeping a pretty good pace and I suppose that one good day would keep me going, I just haven’t figured out where to put that yet.

Hopefully there will be nothing but good news next week and lots of extra stitches to take pictures of. Maybe, if I’m good, I will even remember to take the picture against a lighter background. Who knows? 😉

Not much to look at yet friends and neighbors, but it’s getting there. What I am wondering is how do you not get in a garment making rut? Is the seemingly endless amount of stitches like second sock syndrome? And most importantly, does working on a long-term goal make you have a serious case of startitis (thank you Knitmore Girls), because I have a million things I am dying to cast on in my Ravelry queue right now!

Hope you all have lovely days filled with good food, good friends and error free projects!



6 thoughts on “All Night KAL – Week 4 – Time for Body Work

  1. salpal1

    Ahh, you have discovered how we all get so many WIPS going. Stockinette boredom. But I think you are doing a great job on this, it looks really nice. Good job on the decreases!

    I recommend using a lifeline before you start the increases, in case you have to rip back and re calculate them. Just take a long length of something like embroidery thread or dental floss (un-waxed) and run it through your live stitches. let it hang below the needle and keep knitting, don’t catch it up in the work. Then, if you have to go back, you just rip with abandon until you get to it. You will have a string full of neat live stitches to pick up on your needle.

    If everything is fine and you don’t make a mistake, just pull it out.

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