Daily Archives: October 14, 2013

Taking A Week To Heal

  • Dictated by: Rachel, courtesy of Dragon Speak.
  • Edited by: Trevor – an amazing husband.
  • Links by: Gloria – whose better with computers than Trevor.

If you have been following this blog for a while, you may know that I am arthritic in my right – and dominate – hand. I have managed to do everything the doctor’s said I would never be able to do with a gleeful “(censored) you!” attitude since 2011. However, I didn’t realize how much of this depended on my left hand being fully functional.

Without boring you too much, I injured my left hand early last week doing something utterly stupid. I really wouldn’t expect anything less that a stupid accident to completely derail my  life but hey, I’ve gotten used to it. I spend most of last week trying to figure out how to keep doing all the things I normally do with little success, and now here we are. I have officially wrecked both my hands, because I was trying to accommodate one hand at a time. Basically if my right hand was happy, my left was mad. And if my left hand was happy, my right had was super mad. As a result I have been left with two incredibly angry hands.

SO, I am going to take a week off from, well, everything. I am not going to post anything this week – although I am hoping to get caught up with some of my blog reading. I’m going to try to not knit, type, lift more than 2 pounds, make fists, or use a knife (which means *sigh* Trevor is going to have to cut my food again). I am going to ice, elevate, schedule Advil, wear braces and try to heal up my hands.

Seriously, I don’t know how my little brain is going to handle this. My OCD and my Panic Monster start to return when the weather gets chilly – really that little bugger’s optimal time to muck up my life is from October to early April. With no outlet on how to handle that, I’m not sure what is going to happen. All I want is to find a little piece of mind in doing the things I love – right now I feel like I’m up (censored) creek without a paddle.

I know that this seems like phenomenal amount of complaining, but when I think about how my coping mechanisms are being altered I start to get pretty nervous. More than less likely I am going to try to keep knitting (no, she’s not – added by Trevor) (she probably will – added by ♠Gloria♥) but the amount of time I can do it is going to be very limited. It seems that only certain needles for certain amounts of time don’t make me want to curl up into a  ball and cry.

Anyway – You can always find me on Ravelry as RainyDayStitches for personal messaging or on Facebook as All Night Knits. If your super bored I am also on Twitter (which she doesn’t really know how to use – added by Gloria) and Instagram. I can do nice and short messages, typing with one finger on my iPod is totally doable but anything longer may have to wait.

I am really hoping that this time next week I will have TONS of amazing stuff (she does, I live with her amazing stuff allover the house – added by Trevor) (she’s gonna kill you for saying that – added By Gloria) to share with you, it will make me decidedly less boring to read about. For now, have a wonderful week and enjoy your fiber twice as much for me!