OH NO-es Bleed :(

There was a moment to absolute, poignant sadness in my household this week – and that is when a nosebleed undid hours and hours of lace and bead work. Sounds dramatic doesn’t it? Well, it was…darn it!

Since typing is a pain (literally and figuratively) I shall tell the story in pictures.

What it looks like finished - photo courtesy of  teresat2 on Flickr

What it looks like finished – photo courtesy of teresat2 on Flickr

I saw the design of the Fiori Autunnali by Romi Hill and enrolled in the Craftsy class.

Bellybutton Cast On - Done!

Bellybutton Cast On – Done!

So I casted on using the bellybutton cast on that Romi Hill teaches in the class, I love learning new things.


Without ruining the secret sauce of the project, this was the end of chart A and the beginning of the most complicated lace I’ve tried so far.

Yes. I am scared to take off the belly button cast on.

Yes. I am scared to take off the belly button cast on.

It was going so beautifully, it was lovely and sparkly and the pattern was super simple to work with. I couldn’t believe that I was scared of it, Rosemary Hill has created the easiest, user-friendly pattern I’ve ever done.





Ripped off the needles and hiding the blood….


Beads cut (oh my, yes, I cut) off the work and re-strung – ready to start again.

Working in a re-circulated air workplace makes for a dry nose, and if you are prone to nosebleeds (I am, obviously) you are a little…how to put this delicately…screwed. One sneeze and I had bled on my lace, my cat, my couch and 65 rows of knitting were undone.

******** ********* ********** ************ ************ ***************

No worries though friends and neighbors, I re-casted on my lace and have already finished chart A. I have installed lifelines, highlighted my chart and coated my nose with Neosporin. Once I get a better picture of progress I will share.

So I would like to know, if you would like to share, what is the weirdest thing that has caused a knitting disaster? Nosebleeds, tiny questing fingers, pets or mother nature – anything goes and I would love to hear about it.

20 thoughts on “OH NO-es Bleed :(

  1. teabeaknits

    We need another option to ‘Like’…..it seems awful to ‘like’ the fact that a nosebleed has caused someone to undo a complicated pattern. Perhaps an ‘Oh I so sympathise with what you’re going through’ button would work 😉

  2. ellie ryan

    that sounds horrible!!! good job for recovering so quickly (: i’ve definitely never suffered a knitting disaster of that magnitude. usually what happens is my cat attacks the working yarn as it moves, and i’ll occasionally run into very slimy patches covered in cat spit. definitely not terrible though (:

  3. cedwards83

    Oh no. That sucks. Glad you have it up and going again.
    I have had many a days like this. Usually either Thing 2 pulling out needles and unraveling on lace or color work, or I have had it where the big kid poured a glass of Koolaid(purple) onto a hat(yellow). Not as bad a lace but a pain none the less haha

  4. stitches'n'scraps

    omg, how awful! I haven’t had anything like that happen yet, though I was terrified of a similar disaster the other day when I realized an earlier paper-cut on my finger had started bleeding again…but it was a false alarm in my case, no blood had made it onto the yarn before I saw it.

  5. Rob's Surf Report

    I had a bad pattern for socks that was corrected in the comment stream, and once I was thoroughly confused with the odd shape emerging from my work, I decided it was a bad pattern and started reading through the comments for people who might have had the same problem. A page later, there it was! I tried to frog it out but since it was wool, at one point it stopped frogging and the yarn snapped and I decided I was done with heel socks for the time being.

  6. musingrunner

    When I ‘like’ this post, that doesn’t mean I like it that you had to reknit! I don’t get nosebleeds, but I have dropped stitches when the phone rang or messed up a pattern by forgetting to read the instructions.

  7. Karin

    Ugh! That is brutal! My cat in her kitten years would eat yarn. Let’s say the definition of fibre in our house was gravely altered for a long time!

  8. Curls & Q

    Q – Sorry about the nosebleed. 8-( The belly button cast-on looks intriguing. Romi is one of my favorite designers. I always buy her shawl ebooks, she’s on Year 4.

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