My Cat Made Me Make This

When I was taking a break from knitting, aka wearing two braces and icing my two misbehaving hands, my cat went on a yarn bender. I found him Saturday night with my knitting cabinet open, yarn strewn across the floor, and him curled up in my WIP bag. So, I got him a new ball of yarn and he slept all night.

My little buddy with his yarn.

My Maxwell and his yarn.

Little did Max (or Trevor for that matter) know that I was planning on making something with this as soon as the braces came off. When all you do all week is work, talk on the phone (I couldn’t drive with the braces and all my close friends have new babies) and marinate in your need to make something, you get very creative in…um…sneaking around.

So, as soon as my hands felt close enough to ready I casted on. I really like this yarn, it is Patons Classic Wool in Harmony and it will be nice and warm this winter. The first hat I did had a ridiculous thick brim to keep your ears nice and toasty.


Feedback from the hubby was that, while it was good for me and all my hair, that for him the brim was just a little too wide. So, what would any good knitter do when she already has the yarn and didn’t get yelled out for knitting? I made another one!

This one is half the height of the first hat brim-wise, but otherwise all the same design ideas. The best news being that this one went over swimmingly with the hubby! I have to agree with him that the smaller brim looks really good on him and once it gets a bath it’ll lose all its itchiness.

So again, a little sparse on content but lots and lots of pictures! Thank you again for sticking with me while I try to hunt and peck out blog entries – I am enjoying all your blogs so much and I cannot wait to get commenting again!

9 thoughts on “My Cat Made Me Make This

  1. loobyloucreations

    love the hat, my cat tries to piranha my yarn as I am knitting, i hope the carnage was not too much, it is so cute too that he was happy when he had a ball of yarn, you have not had much luck recently between nosebleeds and naughty kitties 😦

  2. Hannah Rose

    Please don’t think I’m creepy for seeing your Facebook button on your blog and sending you a friend request. πŸ˜‰ I was already a fan of your knitting page, anyway.

  3. gossycrafts

    What lovely stripes!

    In my home, I have a yarn eating cat (not Gossy, my blog’s mascot, she just wants to sit on my WIPs) so all the yarn must be carefully hidden away! Otherwise, Bonkers ends up vomiting scraps all over the apartment… ew.

  4. Rob's Surf Report

    I have a couple questions.

    1st – how did you work the decrease on that 2nd hat? Was it every row, and how many did you decrease per row? I like the way it looks.

    2nd – did you just say that wet-blocking wool takes the itchiness away? Because I totally did not know that. Is there a specific method you use, or does everyone do it the same?


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