The Katniss Cowl Revealed!

Check it out – it’s AMAZING!!


I knew that this was destined to be mine from the moment I saw the first Catching Fire trailer.

Introducing the Katniss Cowl…

Katniss Cowl 1

I have to say, I love Katniss Everdeen. Unlike a lot of heroines in YA fiction, she is tough and takes care of herself. However, she’s still human, and she has many loving relationships that mean everything to her. She has a balance that I feel like a lot of female characters lack. While she spends most of the books kicking ass and taking names, she’s not just a stereotypical Amazon. She has depth, and we can understand her feelings, even if she can get a little angsty at times. (What teenager doesn’t? Even if they aren’t destined to save the world.) As awful as it would be to live in the dystopian future that is the setting for the Hunger Games, Katniss can handle anything (and…

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5 thoughts on “The Katniss Cowl Revealed!

  1. readingsekhmet

    This is very good for redesigning. I did find that on the site for the official cowl design the fiber artist used hand weaving to create the cowl/vest. Turns out they did not incorporate knitting or crocheting for the design. As I watched this portion of the movie, I thought the design was interesting, but impractical for archery. The structure rings at the neck scrunched down in the exact place you wouldn’t want it to while you were aiming your arrow. (I’m an archer.) While this is very interesting for an artistic piece, I wonder how wearable it is in cold weather since one whole section of the body is exposed. Just my ponderings. 😉

    1. allnightknits Post author

      You know, I thought the same thing when the poster came out. I have a cousin whose an archer (bravo for you being one as well, it’s amazing!) and the whole top of the droopy cowl isn’t really keeping her neck warm.
      However, I am still in love with it – I just can’t help falling in love with fiber in pop culture.
      Thanks so much for sharing this with me, it was a really excellent POV – Thank You!


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