Time to Start Fresh

Holy crap I almost blog-faded! I could make loads of excuses (and more than less likely will do just that :)) but as my dear Lottie from Lottie Knits would say “it’s time to get off my bum.” Oh! Also, it’s snowing – which greatly improves my mood!

Knitting Weather!

Knitting Weather!

So, for anyone that is still reading this languishing blog, here is what has been going on the past few weeks to contribute to my blog-neglect (see? excuses already!)

– The Excuses –

  • No Dragon Speak Software – My NaNoWriMo gal has been plugging along so well with her novel that I told her just to keep it till it goes on sale on Black Friday.
  • My Mom retired – Yea! 
  • I had an order for 43 ruffle scarves – this brings my year total to….wait for it….319.
  • I have gotten a boat load of questions from hospital workers since it snowed, and now have a nice little influx of non-ruffle knitting.
  • 4 baby showers.
  • 2 weddings.
  • My father-in-law has changed Alzheimer’s medication and is being treated for skin cancer 😦
  • My LYS asked me not to come in because they were afraid my hand would scare off new knitters.

– The LYS Experience –

Before I retell this story, if you follow me on Instagram you’ve already heard it, feel free to skip ahead (there’s a picture!). Also, I am going to keep this as short as possible – mainly because dredging it up makes me über cranky.

So back around the time I last posted my LYS owner called me to tell me knitting was canceled. No big deal. The week after that I called the shop to see if we were meeting that night and had the oddest reaction from a gal I’ve known for years. She told me _______ would call me back. About 20 minutes later ________ called me back and asked me not to come to knitting that night; they were having a meet-and-greet for new potential knitters (in a younger crowd than our knitting group (even though I am 28)) and she didn’t want my hand to scare them off.

My reaction was to go get on Instagram and connect with knitters who, in my mind, would be able to be objective because they’ve never seen my hand.



I. Was. Heartbroken.

The support from knitter’s on Instagram was so overwhelmingly awesome that I should have just snapped out of it. So what? I don’t have an LYS anymore…..

Nope, not going to work.

Instead of feeling the love from the  99.9% of  knitter’s who are freaking amazing, I ran down the rabbit hole of knitting all the time to prove that I could do it. This is a fun mixture of stubbornness, OCD,  and my very own Panic Monster. I have been eating, sleeping and knitting….and not a whole lot else. I have kept all my social obligations and haven’t become a hermit yet but saying I got a little obsessive would be putting it….lightly.

– The Fresh Start –

So here I am friends and neighbors, ready to get back to what makes me happy. I love writing and I love reading your blogs. Both of these things have been severely neglected. So there will be some catching up to do (lots of catching up to do) so please be patient. I am slowly going to try to work the comments and questions that I’ve received – especially regarding patterns – but it may take a little longer than normal.

Also, I follow loads of you on Facebook – I haven’t “liked” or commented on your blogs because my Facebook account and my WordPress account aren’t linked – but I have been reading your work. Rob’s Surf Report and A Tangled Yarn are just two that I read every single time they post. The Knitterly Hook-er is one of my favs to follow on Instagram. If you want to follow me on either of these sites click → FACEBOOK LINK ← or → INSTAGRAM LINK ←. Both of these sites get updated daily because I can use one hand to upload and type.


Stick with me and I promise I will try to give you something awesome to read or stare at – as awesome as I can make it! Here is a itty-bitty preview of what I’ve got up my sleeve:

This took three and a half hours to type friends and neighbors, every minute both cathartic and totally renewing. I can’t wait to catch up, happy Tuesday!

54 thoughts on “Time to Start Fresh

  1. creative pixie

    Bless you. Sounds like your LYS just lost a valuable customer. Keep up the good work. I’ll pop over to instagram to look at your photos.

  2. yarnandpointysticks

    Fab to see you blogging again. I love your instagram posts, though you seem to knit all day and all night! If I check during the day you are knitting, when it is 4am here you seem to be knitting. I LOVE it. You are a knitting inspiration.

  3. dominiquemitchell2012

    I genuinely cannot believe your LYS would do something like that! That’s really awful and embarrassing for them, there is nothing better for the beginner knitter than someone who is knowledgeable and experienced.
    Your sneak previews look lovely, the coulour palettes are amazing

  4. lottieknits

    That’s awful about your LYS! Awful because of their attitude and awful because they assume that their customers are similarly prejudiced. Could you just go anyway, preferably with someone else to back you up? I just don’t see how your hand could put anyone off. You have a problem with your hand that makes it hard to knit, but you do it anyway – to me, this is inspiring. Well, their group is poorer without you. I am angry on your behalf.

    On a lighter note, hello you, long time no see/blog! I’ve missed your posts! Your knitting looks fab as ever – I like that hat with the turned up brim. Thanks for the follow on Twitter 😊 have you worked out how to use it yet, or is Gloria still making fun at you about it? 😛 By the way, love your nails! I need to get off my bum and post as well 😉

    Lottie xx

    1. allnightknits Post author

      Lemme try bullet points.
      -Posting should be fun Lottie, not stressful!
      -Yes, Gloria is still managing my Twitter feed – she shows me and I happily nod 😉
      -Thank you for the knitting compliment, I’ve gone on a bit of a rampage.
      – I’ve missed you too!!!!!

      The LYS thing is just such a mess. I wasn’t the only person they did it to and that makes it worse, I was furious of the behalf of the other members. We’ve disbanded, which is a shame – especially this time of year. More than anything I feel bad for ____, who didn’t consider the ramifications of excluding good customers. I may not have money to spend on nice yarn, but when I could it was always there – and the other members bought something every week.
      I miss having a LYS – thank goodness I have this AMAZING skein of yarn I am playing with in secret 😉
      The biggest bummer? No black Friday sale….damn it.

      1. lottieknits

        😟 no Black Friday sales here either – not sure if we really have them to be honest. If there’s anything yarny you need let me know and I’ll go stash diving again!

        I’ve finally posted! I know it’s supposed to be fun but I’ve got a week off work and so many things to get done this week!
        – Finish smaller design sample, charts and pattern (nearly done)
        – Start bigger fairisle sample in 4ply with 300 – 400 sts (argh!)
        – write pattern and charts for the above
        – start pattern testing for something else so it can go on Ravelry before Christmas
        – get photos of designs (done)
        – got to Liverpool for Xmas shopping (today’s plan)
        – see my Grandma
        – blog more
        – relax (unlikely)

        I’ve probably forgotten something!

        Lottie xx

  5. kathatravelling

    Just saw this and honestly, some people just don’t think it all through… But it seems you’re working through it. Don’t let them make you feel bad (even though this is hard, I know)!
    But actually I just wanted to comment on something completely else: love your nail polish. I always thought a colour like this would be a summer only but it looks absolutely cool with knitting as your pictures proof and how awesome is it that it already snows at your place!

    1. allnightknits Post author

      Thank you! Gloria (my 12 year old niece) picked it out and painted my nails. Every time I catch look at my nails when I am knitting it makes me so happy! It’s Nicole by OPI in Lifesaver – we found it on a clearance rack from the summer line.

  6. lollyknits

    Girl, your LYS sounds like a bunch of (words here have been deleted in favor of keeping your blog family friendly.) I’m so sorry you had that experience! I feel like you should go there at least one more time in order to express your feelings. I’ve never heard of a SINGLE knitting group where anyone would be made to feel unwelcome like that, and they need to know that that’s not at all okay. You could just frame it in the context of “I won’t be shopping here anymore and this is why. Hope drumming up new business was worth losing regulars.” Well, I would actually go in and yell at them for being awful, but it probably wouldn’t work as well. Also, seriously they are stupid! If you got your hand totally wrecked, but still love knitting so much that you persevere through your hand swelling, knitting must be AWESOME! That’s my takeaway at least.
    Also, I have to mention your mail polish. I am loving that turquoise! (I actually have three different shades of turquoise nail polish, that’s the depth of my obsession)

    1. allnightknits Post author

      My nail polish obsession has grown tenfold since my niece started volunteering to paint my nails! It makes me soooo happy every time I look at it (btw, its Nicole by OPI in Lifesaver).

      As for my LYS – it was a cluster _____, plain and simple. I am more bummed about no Black Friday yarn sales at this point. I never had the urge to yell either, more to cower – I never thought my had has that scary – but ignorance is bliss. There were 10 (?) of us who were regulars that are no longer shopping there and I (stupidly) feel really bad about that. We have 1 LYS in a 25mile area here in C-bus and now we have nowhere to shop.

      Side note 1: Do you know any good places to shop online?

      Side note 2: I’ve made 3 Katniss cowls and the girls (Gloria and her friends) have ripped them off my dressmaker dummy before I could even get a picture! The promised they would all get together for me – I just have to check on parents.

      Side note 3: They’ve seen Catching fire 3 times, worn their awesome cowl each time and people LOVE IT!

      Side note 4: You’re awesome and THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING ME THE COOLEST AUNT EVER!

  7. jengolightly

    I get outraged when I hear about unkindness like that. I am so angry about how you ‘ve been treated. Keep your chin up, they will get their karmic comeuppance! X

  8. stitches'n'scraps

    They’re all jerks and you’re better off without them. They don’t deserve the bandwith (not on line nor in your head). It’s good to see you posting again, it looks like you’ve been busy! Don’t let closed minded idiots chase you away – there’s a better LYS out there just waiting to be found 🙂 Meanwhile, so sorry to hear about your father-in-law! Is it one of the more easily treated types?

    1. allnightknits Post author

      My father-in-law has had a lot of medical issues since the car accident in 2010 (hip and knee replacement, skin cancer, changes in work) that is making the Alzheimer’s….tricky. We don’t know if it is all the pain killers, if he’s not taking his meds when we give them or if just being so removed from “normal” routines in messing him up. He’s still in really great spirits and we are hoping to keep our quality time at it’s max. Thank you so much for asking, it is very, very kind.

    2. allnightknits Post author

      My father-in-law has had a lot of medical issues since the car accident in 2010 (hip and knee replacement, skin cancer, changes in work) that is making the Alzheimer’s….tricky. We don’t know if it is all the pain killers, if he’s not taking his meds when we give them or if just being so removed from “normal” routines in messing him up. He’s still in really great spirits and we are hoping to keep our quality time at it’s max. Thank you so much for asking, it is very, very kind.

  9. Hannah Rose

    YAY, so glad you’re back and posting! And I just have to say, truly, you are an inspiration. You’d think they’d want you to show up and share your story. You’ve overcome the odds and knit beautiful pieces. It’s a success story that SHOULD be shared.

  10. rainbowjunkiecorner

    Sorry to hear about the attitude of your LYS. Maybe you can find another group that will appreciate you. All your ‘excuses’ sound good to me. Better to blog when you can rather than make it a burden. Also sorry to hear about your father-in-law. Hope the medical people can sort things out for him 🙂

  11. weziraff

    I am so sorry to hear about your experience with your LYS. I am speechless, what a hurtful way to behave. New to blogging, I am not sure what a “LYS” is, but it is their loss. Your knitting is beautiful, created by a beautiful person.

  12. salpal1

    I have missed you. I am so sorry that your LYS is so mean. Holy cow. Just stopping going there is not strong enough. What – an ad in the local paper telling the story? A post on their facebook page? It is all so tempting. But, karma being what it is – going in there one last time to explain why you will never be back is probably good enough. Especially if you don’t worry if customers over hear you. As a knitter, I can’t imagine what kind of handicap would keep me from wanting to knit with someone. If your hand turning colors is hard to look at, then I would just look at your pretty face instead. Or my knitting. How sad that they are trying to shut you away from your local knitting community. Maybe you can start your own knitting group, held elsewhere? (but don’t hesitate to use them to promote it.) Oh, they make me angry. I’ll bocott them along with you. Whoever, wherever they are.

    1. allnightknits Post author

      The response has been overwhelming like yours, angry. I didn’t do anything or say anything about the store (and I refuse to name it) because it was a colossal case of ignorance. Honestly, at the point, I just feel so bad for the owner who shot herself in the foot and the other knitter’s who now have nowhere to shop.
      Karma is a funny thing. She made me feel like crap and I learned how wonderful the knitting community really is. Also, she made me so made that I learned double knitting to prove to myself that my hand wasn’t going to stop me….so there you go. Something good came out of it! 🙂

      1. salpal1

        it is out of ignorance, but how will she ever learn that what she did is not OK if no one calls her on it?

        However, if it inspired you to figure out a new technique, that is good! I have not tried double knitting, I always assume that I will twist the yarn and end up with a mess. 🙂 So I am VERY impressed that you have done it!

          1. salpal1

            I looked for it at the library – no dice. 😦 AND they haven’t got any Elizabeth Zimmerman books. How they can call themselves a library is beyond me.

              1. salpal1

                Well, thank you! But it sounds like you already have other uses for your money. I’ll hunt around the web for them, now that I know about them.
                Glad to see you posting again, and all the things you have knit – holy cow! You are amazing. I hope you know and believe that.

                1. allnightknits Post author

                  Thank you *profusely blushing over here!*
                  I think Lucy Neatby has an app as well – I’m not sure how much it costs, but there is about 4 hours of video along with patterns. It’s something to look at….I’m still holding out for someone on EBay with no idea what they have 😉

    1. allnightknits Post author

      Awww…I am blushing over here!
      I’ve been reading your posts on Facebook every day – which of course I am too lazy to connect to WordPress so I can comment or like.
      Okay, that’s a lie. I forgot my WordPress password and can’t do it….I will get Gloria on it next time she is here 😉

  13. bcre8v2

    Thanks for sharing your LYS experience–those people sound completely unenlightened. Love reading your blog and I totally understand having a lapse. Looking forward to more posts from you. Although I’m a crocheter, your experiences with yarn are similar to mine.

    1. allnightknits Post author

      I will have to pop over and read your blog! I have always wanted to learn to crochet as well – the stuff crocheters can do boggles my little knitting brain. Maybe one day there will be crochet on my blog and knitting on yours? Who knows! 🙂

  14. Sheena

    Woah, what a bunch of jerks! I never cease to be surprised at how callous and unfeeling people can be. You’re such an amazing and accomplished knitter and they should see you as the inspiration you are! Glad to see you back blogging. 🙂

  15. Pimla15

    I was appalled to hear about the attitude of your LYS. Would they have told someone who was in a wheelchair, or used a cane, or was blind that they shouldn’t come because they would scare off the new knitters???? That’s blatant discrimination! Perhaps you could connect with some members of your former group and take a road trip to a new LYS that’s close by? I’m sure there are many great online shopping options but unfortunately, yarn needs to touched so it can speak to you before a purchase. Keep knitting. It’s such good therapy.

  16. knitnrun4sanity

    Sounds as if you have had a real up and down time recently. I am very shocked by your LYS. I do not want to believe that we still live in a world such as this. 😦 I would say that your ability to knit still is more inspirational than ever. Their loss I suppose but still horrendous. Do not let them get to you. They are not worth the time or energy. x

  17. Maggie.Vincent

    Wow, the people at your LYS sound like they’re stuck in the 18th Century. I hope you find somewhere good to shop online, there are loads of great online stores here in the UK, a lot of whom do really great offers throughout the year. Makes me spend too much money on yarn, though! Have you looked at the yarn on ebay? ebay.co.uk is a great source of beautiful hand-dyed yarn; and if what I’ve spotted on etsy is anything to go by, you might pick up some glorious stuff on ebay.com. I, like many other commenters, think that your continuing to knit, despite a physical challenge, is an inspiration. I can only shake my head in wonder at these crazy people.

  18. knittingwithheart

    Just reading this now and, wow … WHAT?!? How dare they think—never mind act upon—such shallow/ignorant thoughts!!! Their attitude is appalling… They’re also pretty dumb. They have so COMPLETELY missed this valuable opportunity to portray an avid knitter’s depth of love for knitting! You’ll unfortunately be missing your LYS community 😦 And they’ll be losing you as a customer/community member… You’re right, it’s good to vent but not linger there. Also, so sad for your father-in-law’s health issues 😦 Alzheimer’s and cancer are super-rough roads. ❤ Oh, and I did “like” your fb page 🙂 But having my 2 fb pages (personal and KWH) seems confusing to me… so my interaction might be as my real name?? Take care, know you are an inspiration and don’t let anyone get you ruffled 😉 ❤ ❤ ❤

  19. Q

    Q – Seriously???!!! They asked you not to come! I would announce the name of that LYS since it is obvious they do not truly support women! I think you would be a perfect example of how dedicated knitters are and total encouragement! As a retired teacher I can tell you that learners who think they can’t do it are motivated when they see someone with a handicap overcome and succeed. You go girl! Look at all of the amazing things you are accomplishing.

    I’m still annoyed just thinking about that LYS.

    1. allnightknits Post author

      It is what it is – I don’t really even think about it anymore. The only time I’ve really missed them is when our pipes burst and my “sacred stash” drowned. How, do you wonder, all my acrylic yarn was bone dry but all the fancy yarn I stashed away was trashed?
      I am looking into new yarn store here in town – so far so good! 🙂


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