A Little Sparkle to Kick Off December

Oh, it is good to have Dragon Speak back again! The plan is to try to write shorter posts – so as not to bore you into a coma – but the actual process of getting that post finished is back to being utterly fantastic!

So I am working through a rather large back catalog of things I was knitting before I almost blog faded, here’s to hoping I don’t repeat myself. The rather large production in knitting is in direct proportion to the change in weather – and the return of illness to the Buckeye State. My OCD and emetophobia  tend to top the charts from the end of October till May, which sucks on a whole lotta levels. I sleep less, consume copious amounts of anything with vitamin C in it and look forward to warmer weather – which is insane because truly, I love cold weather.

The only bonus to my emetophobia, and my Panic Monster, being far more active than normal is that I tend to get a lot more accomplished – like knitting! See? this is me looking at a silver lining.

 – It Sparkles and Shines –

My very loving mother found almost 20 balls of Red Heart Boutique Midnight at a smaller craft store where my grandmother lives a few months ago, and it being such a good deal she bought every last ball of it. This particular shade is called Shadow (how fetching!) and is a mix of pinks and grey’s, and to be honest it’s actually quite pretty. Now, Red Heart is not my favorite thing in the world to work with but this yarn doesn’t have the oggey feel to it that Red Heart Super Savor has, my goodness it even has a little wool in it!

Being presented with 20 balls (teehee) is intimidating, so I’ve slowly been working my way through the collection. With the Shadow I made two projects: 1. My very simple no-look cowl and 2. The Amanda Hat by Gina House with as many improvisations as I could dream up to make it my own. Let’s start with the cowl….

The cowl is a super quick, super simple rib/stockinette/rib combination, best of all I don’t have to look when I am knitting the stockinette section!

Now for the hat – the original pattern is The Amanda Hat by Gina House on Ravelry, but I had to try to make it a little more my own. I used Cast On, Bind Off to give me a little inspiration on how to get started, I only did one pattern repeat to simplify the top of the hat, then used a fantastic new decrease that I’ve been toying with. All in all, I am pretty satisfied with the outcome.

Why are collage photos so much fun? It's a mystery!

Why are collage photos so much fun? It’s a mystery!

That’s it for me today friends and neighbors! Just in case you would like to share, what are you doing this blustery December to add a little shine to your life?

12 thoughts on “A Little Sparkle to Kick Off December

  1. lottieknits

    I’m trying to focus on all the lovely knitting I’ll get done after I finish my deadline knitting! (So far one small thing done and one mahoosive one to go.)
    Plans so fair for this fantasy knitting time are:
    Finish a sweater in Rowan Calmer that’s been on the needles for 18 moths only has the sleeves left to go (the sleeves in the pattern are a bit ‘poofy’ and I think they’ll get in the way so I might undo my half sleeve and re work them as ordinary non-poofy sleeves from the top down)
    Make a Kim Hargreaves sweater in some lovely Alpaca yarn
    Make a sweater in some deep pink 4ply bought in a sale (planning to just make this up as I go along)
    Finish a mitten design
    Finish a shawl design

    Like I said, ‘fantasy’ knitting time. I think I need a time machine!

  2. katythenightowl

    I do envy you the yarn, as I love that particular one myself – I keep looking at it but, as I have to order my yarns from the US, other, more practical yarns, come first when I start running out, here in the UK 🙂

    Yay for grannies! 🙂

    I totally know what you mean about winter – it’s a season I love, but which doesn’t love me, and so I crochet less than the rest of the year, but refuse to let pain, and arthritis, stop me from my beloved crafting – and night times, as with you, are MY time 🙂

  3. musingrunner

    I am trying to love running on the treadmill instead of outside! I have cast on four things since my eyes got better. That is a rebound from not knitting for two weeks, I guess. I may have a knitting problem.


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