Oh No! Thor Has More Knitwear I Want!

After the post about the Katniss Cowl, you remember? The one where I blatantly begged someone smarter than me to not only design it but let me knit it? Well, here I am again.

My niece and I went to see the second Thor movie this weekend and we saw this…


Amazing hat.

Amazing Cowl.

Amazing Cowl.

Amazing hat AND cowl.

Amazing hat AND cowl.

Maybe this time I will figure it out….well, probably not. But if anyone sees these photos and feels inspired I cannot wait to see what you come up with!


21 thoughts on “Oh No! Thor Has More Knitwear I Want!

  1. lollyknits

    I think the hat would be easy (plus the color looks like MadTosh DK in Tart) but that cowl looks like ENTRELAC!! which makes me want to run around shouting “Evil be gone!!!” Seriously though, entrelac is hard. I noticed these in the movie and I coveted them both.

      1. allnightknits Post author

        I thought the same thing, but the elongation of the stitches seems more like cables to me as well.
        What can I say? I’m in love – and I like being the awesome aunt 😉

  2. howserrn

    The hat looks like it is made with a horizontal herringbone stitch. My work filters block most things or I would be searching myself right now. Try looking for a hat pattern with that stitch.

  3. niizdesigns

    I want to make the cowl in the color of the hat! Yes… Since I’ve seen the movie I’ve been trying to find the perfect berry colored yarn, would be a great gift for my step-mother.
    – Nicky

  4. salpal1

    The hat is nice, but that cowl – yum! How cozy it looks. Don’t you wish that in the credits they would list the designers of these things so you could go find the patterns easily?

  5. kathatravelling

    As for the cowl, should I jump in after what happend to the Katniss cowl? 😉 No, I think I’ve seen a pattern for something really similar some time ago on ravelry and I’ll look if I can find it again. As for the evil entrelac: don’t think it is that bad. I’d guess this is a more of a two stitch wide and high woven basket stitch…

  6. krosedowman

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who does this! I was watching the extra discs from The Hobbit extended edition, and they showed a ten seconds shot of a woman from the costume department knitting something on circs. I flipped out, having seen lots of knitted items in the movie: “ooo, maybe they’ll have a little segment about knits when they cover costumes!” Nope! Seriously, Peter Jackson, five minutes would have killed you?


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