Good News, Bad News & Oodles of Photographed FOs

Max - maxing and relaxing with some yarn.

Max – maxing and relaxing with some yarn.

Alrighty friends and neighbors, this is how I’m gonna try to put weeks of blogging into one post. First off, let’s get the bad news over with – bad news will be in red and good news will be in green (Christmas-y huh?). So, let’s begin.


  • Gloria, my amazing niece, is in the top 10% of students in the midwest and will be sitting for a ACTs in January – she’s in the seventh grade!!!! 🙂
  • I broke my tailbone. BUT the snow has been beautiful!
  • Trevor’s Dad has cancer. BUT the treatment is doable, and his crazy hair from the treatments makes him look like Bill Murray.
  • My special stash was ruined when a pipe burst. BUT I still have loads of yarn to play with.
  • I had to get a second job. BUT I was able to get a second job in this economy and at this time of year.
  • Trevor and I shared our 11 year first date  anniversary! 🙂
  • Orders seem to be slowing down. BUT I had my first Etsy store sale.
  • I’ve broken four pairs of needles. BUT I can rewrite patterns for straight needles, something I had never had to do before.
  • 2014’s money may be worse than 2013’s.  BUT I married Prince Charming and we can survive anything.
  • I lost my LYS. BUT I have found a new yarn store. It’s a drive and I won’t be able to go often, but everyone that works there is lovely!
  • I’ve been avoiding blogging because I don’t want to lose my online knitting community.

I guess it is silly not writing, but it feels like my projects (or my yarn) are really that special to blog about. Since the incident at the LYS my knitting mojo has been….none existent – I am constantly doubting my ability and my finished product. Again, silly. It is time to take a breath and move on. Get back to blogging and back to sharing with the amazing online knitting community. Who knows, I may even have a pattern to share soon!



I don’t know if this is everything, probably not but this is the best way to catch up with all the things I’ve been finishing. The scary part is that there are multiples of several of these project – I will spare you several duplicate photos and do one pic of each. I hope you enjoy.

I actually feel like I haven’t really knit that much in the last month, not until after I got a good look at the photos. I think for next year I am going to do the Knitmeter to see just how much damage I can really do. I think that is it for me today, I have bared my soul and now it’s time to get to knitting. I will be back, getting over this insecurity is something you just have to push through – no other way around. For anyone reading this, thank you for sticking with me, it means the world.

37 thoughts on “Good News, Bad News & Oodles of Photographed FOs

  1. chontellandman

    It takes me months to finish a single project. And with everything you’ve got going on look what you’ve done! That’s incredible! And I think your projects look great. I wish I could knit that well.

  2. kathatravelling

    Well, with all those finished objects I would just say: sorry, I was busy knitting, I couldn’t blog. I especially like the cabled beanie, the Lucy hat (been thinking of making one for myself, is it nice to wear and does it properly cover the ears? I need something for when I’m on my bike) and the Dustland hat!
    About the blogging, don’t worry. It is also just that time of year and you seem to have a lot to do other than blogging. I’m not doing half as much as I wanted except for the weekly yarn along posts and my Advent calender posting of learning to knit in 4 weeks which need to go online as they are part of the calender…
    Other than that: I love how you try to turn the bad news into something good. I hope you have a nice and relaxing christmas and wishing you all the best for you and your loved ones (improved health and finances especially) for 2014!

    1. allnightknits Post author

      How lovely, your note has made my day!
      The Lucy Hat kind of covers my ears, but I have so much hair that I have to knit like I have a giant head. The Dustland Hat I am in knitting- lust with – I really didn’t want to give it as a present (but I did ;)) here’s to 2014!!

  3. musingrunner

    I hope your pattern is for a cowl! I am having a cowl moment right now. I am putting your FIL in my prayers. Happy first date anniversary! We love you!

  4. Maggie.Vincent

    How do they fix a broken tail-bone? I mean, it’s not the sort of thing you can put a cast on. Sounds incredibly painful – does it hurt when you sit? I’m just curious – I’ve never come across a broken tail-bone before.
    Love the FOs, especially the cloche (the folded-back brim looks very sassy!).
    I hope you’ll be able to rebuild your confidence, but, having married Prince Charming, I’d say you’re half-way there!
    Wishing you many hugs, and a speedy recovery.

    1. allnightknits Post author

      Thank you! The broken tailbone gets a steroid shot – and a hemorrhoid pillow, which is hysterical 😉 sitting is rough so I’m knitting standing up quite a bit because I sit at both jobs.

  5. oursewingpatch

    Ah that old mojo! Never gives any warning when it is going to bale on you does it? I like thee then spend a stupid amount of time, usually at stupid o’clock doubting my skills and abilities despite knowing I have been sewing for over 40 years and was taught by the best!!! So your move back to blogland is a superb one in my opinion as I have been blessed with so much support in this world of other creatives.

    You pictures clearly show you are very talented and your out put is pretty awesome….. Well done you.

    Merry Craftmas x

  6. Rob's Surf Report

    You have to blog about your projects because if you don’t do then we’ll lose that inspiration. Besides, I still like reading you despite your recent infrequent posts. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that 2014 sees you come back with a vengeance.


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