The Last Birthday of My 20s & Finished Objects

My 29th birthday was actually December 27th, but I resisted the urge to post that day. We found out a friend has stage 4 cancer and I didn’t want it to be a whiny, self-indulgent post. Things have settled a bit and that means it is time to get back on the blogging horse. Let’s start with what I’ve finished since my last post, it’s my birthday (weekend) and I will post how I want to! 😉

 ~ Some Finished Objects ~

1) The first one is yet another Christmas Stocking. You’ve seen pictures of them in my last post so I won’t bore you again.

A Shameless Seflie.

A Shameless Seflie.

2) This is the Podcaster Cowl by Susan Ashcroft. I made it with Lions Brand Vanna’s Choice Worsted in Dusty Green. I LOVE this cowl! It has been a while since I’ve done a pattern that has a written, 24 row repeat (which I thought would be annoying but wasn’t at all) so I was a bit slow going at first – until I saw the first leaf come together. When that leaf popped out at me I was off, I couldn’t wait to get to the next leaf, before I knew it I’d been up for 22 hours and my cowl was done. All things considered I don’t look too scary in that picture. Also, this cowl in a worsted, slightly variegated Malabrigo would be breathtakingly beautiful!

Legwarmers are great for watching movies - and keeping your legs warm.

Legwarmers are great for watching movies – and keeping your legs warm.

3) Obviously, these are leg warmers ;). For whatever reason my Mom loves leg warmers and is demanding them in high quantities. She’s not making a (horrible) fashion statement, her legs just get really cold when she is driving our out in the weather. T

This is my own little tube design. The top is a 1by1 rib that goes over the knee and will stay there securely. I balloon out the calf section because she has big calves (a floor nurse for 30 years has given her very strong legs) and the ankle is a decreased section in 2by2 rib so it will fit securely across her ankle. The finished decisions are; thigh 16″, calf 20″, ankle 12.4″ and the total length is just over 20″. They are not pretty, but what the Mom wants…the Mom gets!


Chemo hat design pattern.


Designing cable-y goodness.

This is the really similar to the cabled hat I made for my first custom order – I just took out the cables I didn’t like and replaced them with new ones. As a result, the hat doesn’t have any weird bulges or gaps. Who wants that on their head? It’s made with Red Heart Soft Yarn in Aqua Verde. I did the pattern on 4.0mm and 4.5mm needles (US 6 and US 7) up to 6″ and then began the decrease. As you can see, it is really tight on my head – which means it’ll be perfect for someone with no hair. The color has a bit of a sheen to it and I really like the color ….  all in all pretty happy with it.

~ My Sock in Progress ~


Magic Loop CAN be Magical!

This is my own, weird sock formula – meaning I am stealing bits from all sorts of sock patterns until it fits me just right. Sometimes I feel like Goldie Locks trying to make a sock…. Anyway, the yarn is Patons Socks Yarn in Aqua Jacquard. My plan when I finished my “perfect” sock was to knit it in something a little more expensive, but I actually really like this yarn. I’ve been wearing (and washing) my first two pairs of socks all month-long and they look just like they did when they came off the needles – so why mess with something that works? Higher end sock yarn will come, but for now my Patons and I are very happy.

Also, for the first time in my entire knitting history, I am using magic loop – Huzzah! I went on YouTube and found a video I liked and off I went. I think the 40″ cord is a little fiddley (I found it sifting through my destroyed yarn stash after the pipe bursts, no idea what I had it for) but I am getting the hang of it. I am really looking forward to turning the instep, I just haven’t picked up those stitches since turning the heel. Also, with long, pointy needles I 1) don’t break them and 2) can knit backwards on the heel turn – something I’ve been dying to put into practice.

~ My Birthday ~

This post is getting pretty long, so thank you for hanging in there. I guess, from a knitting perspective, the best way to get what you want for your birthday is make a list. Non knitters have no clue what to get you, and how could they? So, to avoid getting two bags of yarn that someone got for $2.00 at a yard sale and thought it was priceless, make a list 😉

One more amazing thing friends and neighbors! I did get an AMAZING birthday present from a near and dear friend of mine that I am dying to brag about. May I present….MY NEW YARN PET!


Almost 1,000 words and time to sign off. Have a great rest of your weekend and I hope to see you all really, really soon!

37 thoughts on “The Last Birthday of My 20s & Finished Objects

  1. creative pixie

    Happy birthday! All your knitting looks very impressive, it makes me want to have a go again. I’m afraid I don’t have the patience for it and prefer crochet for a quick result.

  2. rainbowjunkiecorner

    Happy Birthday! I really like the sock yarn. I’ve used the magic loop when learning to make socks but did you know you can also get really short circulars made by Addi that are just perfect for socks.

      1. rainbowjunkiecorner

        If you look at my post You will see a picture of the needles I mean, though the packet in the picture says ‘Lang yarns’ if you want to find them you should do a search for ‘Addi circular sock needles’ (Maybe Addi bought the company up – I have always bought them as Addi needles.) The length is 20cm and mine are 2.25mm thickness but they do a range. The needles are made in Germany but you can buy them lots of places in the UK and a found a supplier in Canada.

  3. KarinKateriKei

    Lovely projects all and belated Happy Birthday! You’re brave to try a new sock technique, I’m far too stubborn (and speedy with them) to give up my dpn’s but I love the idea of magic loop 🙂

    1. allnightknits Post author

      Since I broke 3 needles on the first sock I had to learn magic loop out of necessity because I LOVE my DPNs. So far so good though, can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

    1. allnightknits Post author

      It looks like I’m going to have to. I heard about it from The Knitterly Hooker and fell in love! It’s a platform that spins. You place your yarn on the platform (it has a rod that goes through the middle to secure it) feel it though the feeder (much like a ball winder) and it spins when you need more yarn. It’s pretty amazing!

  4. Mistine

    How have I never heard of a yarn pet and why don’t I have one!! That is awesome and I’ve added it to my list of things to buy. 😀

    Happy belated birthday!

  5. Moke

    Happy Birthday for the 27th – obviously a good time of year for birthdays as my No1 son has his today and one of my best friend’s had hers yesterday. Enjoy the last year of your second decade. Loving your knits. Moke

  6. Rob's Surf Report

    1) Happy birthday Rachel!
    2) I hope that nurse was done with her legs when she gave them to your Mom.
    3) The cabling on the Aqua Verde hat is awesome, especially that horseshoe you have going up the front on the one shot. I really dig that!
    4) So the yarn pet just holds yarn? Trying to figure out what it does . . .

    Cool post, How’s your tailbone going?

    1. allnightknits Post author

      1) Thank you!
      2) ?
      3) Thank you – the horseshoe is my favorite as well!
      4) You put a yarn cake on a spinning platform and it keeps it from tangling. With a cat that loves fine yarn, this thing is godsend!
      5) My tailbone is better, but I am still sitting on a donut cushion – and it’s better than my black eye! (spoiler for next post)

              1. Rob's Surf Report

                Hilarious moments. 😉

                You said “a floor nurse for 30 years has given her very strong legs.” I immediately thought of Groucho Marx or Hawkeye Pearce saying, “well I hope the nurse was done with them.”

                1. allnightknits Post author

                  I like Groucho, I LOVE Hawkeye – my silly husband wouldn’t let me name my dog that because he thought I was thinking of the comic book character.
                  If I was naturally that funny – my blog would be doing MUCH better 😉

                  1. Rob's Surf Report

                    What I think it is, is you have to catch yourself saying things that can be misconstrued fairly easily and then add a punch line to it. Since I tend to be somewhat glib, I have a hard time catching myself in the act. Proofread ing helps, and of course you have to have the intent.


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