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May’s Month of Knitting

I was worried I didn’t have much to blog about this month, until I looked at my Ravelry page and realized that I actually got a lot done! It’s amazing how you can forget something you put so much love into, but the stresses of life make those moments fleeting. Anywho, let’s get right down to all the goodies I got to make this month!

Echo’s Cowl


  • Pattern: Honey Cowl (free on Ravelry!) by Antonia Shankland
  • Yarn: Red Heart Unforgettable in Echo – Size 8US needles
  • Verdict: This is the second time I’ve done this pattern because the results are just lovely – the yarn on the other hand was a trial. It is acrylic (sorry) with a soft single spin, which made the loose stitches rather difficult to work with. It turned out beautiful, softly muted pastel colors, but I don’t think I would recommend this yarn for this pattern.

Miss Patti’s Scarf


  • Pattern: MissMarple Scarf by SusanneS-vV
  • Yarn: Vanna’s Choice in Dusty Pink – Size 7US and 9US needles
  • Verdict: The scarf is adorable and exactly what Patti wanted and needed (she can only tolerate acrylic yarn). I saw this design knitted by @lollyknitsdesigns on Instagram and it was gorgeous – check it out if you want to see what a different type of yarn can do for this pattern.

Socks! Socks! SOCKS!!

Two at a time madness.

Two at a time madness.

Regia Socks!!

Regia Socks!!

Perfect for Hiking!

Perfect for Hiking!

Prince Charming Needs Socks!

Prince Charming Needs Socks!

Oh Jeez …I made four pairs of socks this month!

THE Peruvian Central


  • Pattern: Peruvian Central by Susan Ashcroft (Stitchnerd)
  • Yarn: Malabrigo Sock Yarn in Pocion
  • Verdict: LOVE! The pattern is really quite simple and adding the beads gave me even more time to enjoy the fantastic yarn because beads really slow me down.
  • My Modifications:


    The first placement of beads was on the RS only on the K1 between the yos.

    On the WS (purling back row), I placed a bead on the stitch that was the double decrease. This way, it shows up on the RS. This was the only time I did this.

    On the two edges, I began placing them on in the second RS row, once there was a knitted stitch that would be next to the yo. I continued to place them on the stitch next to the yo on each row.

    7 pattern repeats = 378 beads

    Binding off:
    I bound off on the RS using the extra stretchy bind off.

A Day Off of Knitting

My Day Off of Knitting

My Day Off of Knitting

I’m not sure how to present this but I will give it my best shot. In one day off I made 2 ruffle scarves (*sigh*), a baby hat and a long bulky cowl. More info about projects if your interested HERE. This is me trying to get ready for selling season, it is June after all 😉

Crooked Paths 

Crooked Paths 1

Crooked Paths 1

Crooked Paths 2

Crooked Paths 2

Springtime Reverie


  • Pattern: Reverie by Amy Swenson
  • Yarn: Lion Brand Sock Yarn in Snow Cone
  • Verdict: I like that the pattern was simple and very intuitive, it became a very mindless knit. I am thinking that the reason I don’t like the beret is the yarn. Lion Brand Sock-Ease has, well, too much ease. There is really no structure to this yarn and it is just so limp! The pattern is free, and if I make it again I will try a better structured yarn.

Springtime Bandit


  • Pattern: Springtime Bandit by Kate Gagnon Osborn
  • Yarn: Caron Simply Soft in Autumn Red
  • Verdict: (This is a free pattern so I’m not spoiling the secret sauce!) I did an extra repeat on Chart B which made this shawl a monster! That and the fact that acrylic yarn doesn’t like to block left me a little disappointed with the outcome which stinks because it is a beautiful pattern. Luckily my grandmother saw it, ripped it off my dummy and took it home. Word to the wise, if you can afford it use a real fiber!

 Bulk Knitting

Here are the things I am always making in bulk for the store or for charity. Basically, I have no idea how many of these things I have made! They are all over my house, just begging to be counted!

If you’ve made it to the end good for you! Thank you so much for looking at a months worth of work. Dear friends and neighbors, here is to hoping for more time to play with fiber, to read blogs and to enjoy each others company!

April’s Month of Knitting

Holy cow. If ever there was a reason  to blog more (and there are so many reasons) it is that this month in review post takes forever to do! The strangest thing about my lack of blogging is that I find myself thinking about what I would write about quite often, it just seems my follow through is lacking. So friends and neighbors, here is to a new month and a new shot at getting more written. Until we see how that goes I would love to share with you what I’ve been up to this past month.

13612273815_146a71d0d5_b 13612626864_171a2704b4_b

  • Pattern: Alano Dakos’ Oak Grove Mitts
  • Yarn: Malabrigo Arroyo in Escorias
  • Verdict: Everything about this pattern is amazing. and the yarn…..oh the yarn!
Cafe Au Lait Mitts

Cafe Au Lait Mitts

  • Pattern: Cafe Au Lait Mitts by Paula McKeever
  • Yarn: Malabrigo Arroyo in Escorias
  • Verdict: I will make these mitts over and over and over again. There was enough yarn in the one skein of Malabrigo Arroyo to both sets of mitts – which makes me so happy. If you have a chance I give this pattern the MUST BUY seal of approval.


  • Pattern: Free Rapunzel by Tiny Owl Knits
  • Yarn: Lion Brand Hometown USA in New York White
  • Verdict: Obviously the hat is adorable, but working with this thick yarn and size 13US needles about did my little arthritic hand in. I love the pattern – it was easy to follow and so much fun to do – but I just don’t see myself doing it again. Plus, the hat is for a very niche audience. I gave it to Gloria who loved it but can’t think of anyone else who would be worth the pain. 😉
I LOOOVE these socks!

I LOOOVE these socks!

  • Pattern: Afterthought heel by Laura Linneman
  • Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Neon Now in 3 Blue Yellow Green
Prince Charming Needs More Socks!

Prince Charming Needs More Socks!

  • Pattern: Knitmore Girls Vanilla Socks – at least a variation on the basic pattern.
  • Yarn: Berraco Comfort Sock in Blue Grey
  • Verdict: I’ve made loads of Vanilla Socks so obviously the pattern is a go to. The yarn, well….it’s acrylic and I didn’t like working with it as well as wool. I felt like it was sliding all over my needles and the shaping on the instep didn’t feel as solid. This being said the socks turned out great and the hubby likes them better than wool – so there you go.


Dripping in Diamonds

Dripping in Diamonds

  • Pattern: Diamond NeckLace by Susan Ashcroft
  • Yarn: Caron Simply Soft in Soft Pink
  • Verdict: I love Susan Ashcroft and everything she does – this is no exception. This is going to be a perfect present for my Grandmother for Christmas. If you’re looking to try something in the round with some texture – this is an amazing pattern to try. The chart is very intuitive and easy to read and it knit up very quickly.


  • Pattern: #21 Cable-Accent Fingerless Mitts by Lori Steinberg
  • Yarn: Lion Brand Vanna’s Sequins in Amaretto
  • Verdict: I received the 60 More Quick Knits Sport Weight for a friend and realized, to my dismay, that the only sport weight I had was this Vanna’s Sequins that my Mom got for $0.97 at a Micheals sale. The yarn is actually not bad to work with if not for the sequins, but they grew on me. I also changed the pattern quite a bit to fit my needs (and common sense) and can’t wait to try this with a really crunchy wool.
Chemo Cap

Chemo Cap

  • Pattern: Just a sock yarn beanie with a basic decrease.
  • Yarn: Patons Kroy Sock Jacquards in Aqua Jacquard
  • Verdict: Chemo caps take about 5 hours from start to finish, and a printed yarn makes that work look like it took four times as much effort. Patons has a sock yarn beanie pattern that is a good place to start if your interested and it is very easy to change pretty much everything once you get a feel for how it should be constructed.
Holy Cowl!

Holy Cowl!

  • Pattern: Basket Weave and Ribs Cowl by My Noggin’ (that would be my brain)
  • Yarn: Patons Classic Wool Worsted in Wedgewood
  • Verdict: Well, it came from my brain so I hope I’m happy with it! I have three skeins of this variegated yarn and needed something to break it up. The ribbing changes the texture enough so that the colors seem to pop – so for all three skeins I am going to try different variations on ribbing to see what I can get. The pattern used the entire 210 yards and it super warm.


I have a lot of ongoing projects that I really, really want to talk about and I have a new passion that needs discussion. SPINNING! Here is to another month of trying to forget that I have too much to do and making time for the things I love. Cannot wait to catch up with all of you! And also, thanks for hanging in there 🙂