It Has Begun

It is officially December and the beginning of the #MyBakersDozen project. I realize that I am three days late in getting this started but here’s the deal: I have an amazing life but with MS it can be a bit…ummm…unpredictable. We *yes! both you and I* are just going to have to let deadlines go a bit and practice some self-love. The purpose of this year is to spread some love and I refuse to let anything taint this experience; it would be a stark contrast to my goal. Hopefully you’ll forgive me this misstep because it’ll definitely come up later.

Now that that is out of the way, and will never be discussed again, it’s time for the fun stuff! I have had a little head start on this project because all my little fingers wanted to do was knit socks. It’s hard to explain that need to knit socks…I practice meditation and I really feel like sock knitting is so closely related that they’re interchangeable. After I quit squealing over the yarn *Yes! I will take a skein of yarn and squish it to my face and I feel no shame!* I go into that wondrous knitter’s stockinette stitch trance.

Stockinette stitch. Seriously, is there anything better than knitting row after row and looking down and S**T! There’s a sock down there! Obviously this is how I feel.


First 10 Pairs of the #MyBakersDozen year!

I have 10 pairs of socks all knit up and ready to go, all because I couldn’t get my fingers to quit twitching. I’m not going to it call this cheating because EVERYTHING I make this year is going to other people, but I am going to add it to my final numbers at the end of the year next January. Try and stop me! *I dare you! I own a lot of pointy things! Don’t be fooled because I walk so slowly!*

It is a small beginning, but I have come to terms that I am only one knitter and can only do so much and I am ecstatic! That means there are 10 people will get a little yarny love.

Maybe it’ll be a cozy kind of love, the thing that makes you want to either drink hot cocoa or take a nap. I hope with all my heart that I give at least one person that feeling this year: not because I have low standards *How dare you think that? I’m an adorable chubby knitter!* but because how insane is it to think you could actually make someone feel better doing something you love? It’s nutter butter crazy, life can’t feel that good that easily right? Right?!


*Just a few in the box that I wanted to show off! That yarn is pretttttty!*

I saw a post on Twitter today that I think will perfectly sum up this little post, and my little undertaking…

*Oh no. I can’t find this tweet! Where is it? Why is it hiding? It was eloquent and powerful! CRAP! ****! WHY! Now what am I going to to to save this*

….Do to unfortunate circumstances I cannot find the quote, but I am going to try to paraphrase it to the best of my ability: “Why, in Time Travel, do we worry that one minute change will alter the future – but not think that a small change in the present can change the future?”

What I hope you will take away from the rambling post is that one person doing one thing could change the world. SOOOOO Happy December readers! I hope you tune back in as this goes along and PLEASE follow me on Instagram @allnightknits for less writing *thank god* and almost daily pics!


Hamming it up to show some love

Oh! and don’t take yourself too seriously.

1 thought on “It Has Begun

  1. pimla15

    I applaud you in your efforts and I understand how knitting socks can be meditation for you. I love your paraphrased tweet. I think we often forget how powerful one small act of kindness can cause a ripple through humanity.


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