The Super Sweet Blogging Award

Super Sweet Blogging Award

Super Sweet Blogging Award

This award was given to me on 17 May 2013  by Knitting With Heart. I don’t know if a truer name could have been picked for this particular blogger. With a kind, calm demeanor she keeps me enthralled with every post, maybe even a little envious at her ridiculous talent. Do yourselves a favor and go check out her blog. Do yourself an even bigger favor by commenting and having the chance to converse with a truly sweet blogger!

Click →HUZZAH← for the link to the original blog post!

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Super Sweet Blogging Award

Super Sweet Blogging Award

This award was given to me by teabeaknits blog on 22 July 2013. To view her original post – where you get to read all the wonderfully fun answers to Super Sweet Questions click → HUZZAH ←! The blog teabeaknits blog is (at this date) still a pretty new blog and a fantastic find! The blogging community is wonderful – it proves day in and day out that reading new bloggers and their musings is only going to enrich your blogging experience! Go check her out – support her – and help in welcoming newcomers to the community. I just wish I had an award to give her – I was so fully embraced by bloggers that I hope I can show my support by getting her blog out there!

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The Super Sweet Blog Award.

The Super Sweet Blog Award.

I was given this award by thecreativecortex on 20 July 2013. Blogging awards are so much fun because we get to give them within the community. Creative Cortex has become a go-to for questions, quick quips and a all around good time. I love reading her blog and am thrilled she even reads mine! Wanna see her answers to the Super Sweet Questions? Click → HUZZAH ← and check it out!

By they way – I hope she doesn’t mind – if I haven’t sold you on the awesomeness of this blog this is from her About Page:

By day I’m just your average  hairdressing student and a hair extension technician in her early twenties. But by night I’m the Dark Knitter, righting the world’s wrongs with needles and yarn. I read way too many comic books. Sometimes I go to conventions.

Awesome right?! Go read for yourselves – I will be here whenever you get back!


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