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My Baker’s Dozen

If you don’t give a hoot about my problems, and really? who could blame you! Please feel free to skip down to where you see #mybakersdozen – that’s were it gets good.


I have worried over this post, the first post in a long time, the way an old Italian grandmother worries over sauce. I have written, erased, edited, trimmed, fluffed and dismantled every word at least once without much success. It turns out that what I want to do is really quite simple, even if the circumstances that have gotten me here are not. So bear with me if you can and I’ll try not to ramble.

So here it goes.

This has been the hardest year of my life. I could talk about the struggles that my friends, family and myself have endured but it’s a long freaking list and really, you don’t need to know it all. The one main thing I will discuss is that Trevor and I had to let go of the dream of being parents.

My MS has gotten worse in the 32 months since my diagnosis and in November we were told I was losing functionality in my right leg – my good leg. While the chemotherapy seems to be keeping new lesions from forming, the 22 buddies I already have squatting in my brain and spine are pissy little buggers. We are currently working our way through a variety of immunosuppressant drugs to try to prevent any more loss of function in my leg (where the majority of my problems reside) but the more we go through the harsher they become.

The way my treatment is going there is no way I would have a successful after-pregnancy; most MS patients see a vast improvement when pregnant but once the baby comes, well, mama might be screwed with a 76% increase of having the worst exacerbation to date. To top off that crap pie I would also have to start my chemo within 24hrs of birth, and it was with this news that we decided that parenthood wasn’t going to happen.

Losing this hurts in a place I didn’t know was exsited until it was. It was that split second of understanding that life wasn’t going to go the way I wanted it to go that broke a little piece of me, that place that hurts now. Typically I can laugh off anything, I can shake off bad news with the vigor of a wet dog but this one, I just can’t. I knew I had to sit down and figure out how to live with the awful knowledge, how to get back to who I was.

I threw dozens of ideas out there; all the things that I found interesting and wanted to learn more about were fair game, but to be honest, most of them were rubbish. *and yes, I am an American using the word rubbish, but I have a degenerative neurological disorder, so get off my case! 😉 * There were so many half realized ideas, they all had some potential but none of them were working. I wanted to find something that gave me a feeling of purpose again, a feeling that I could use this otherwise wasted maternal instinct to, perhaps, better the world. It’s a lofty thought but hey, why not dream big? This was the realization of the #mybakersdozen


Here it is. Finally!

Once the little thought nugget of knitting for others for a year entered my mind it never left, it grew. I felt like it was an opportunity to make a small difference in the world, to cast little bits of light on others because isn’t that what all mothers do? Cast out the shadows and make you feel warm, safe and loved? That’s how my Mom has always made me feel, and while I will never get to do that for my own child, I might be able to do it for others.

Starting December 1st I will spend 13 months doing nothing but knitting for others.*I decided to go with 13 months because I lose so much time with the chemotherapy treatments and who doesn’t enjoy a little cushion?*

The rules I have set for myself are very simple

  1. I cannot knit for myself unless the project was started before 12/1/2017 because I need the bags and needles
  2. I will not buy any yarn*

*I will not be buying any yarn in 2017, but there is no way to keep yarn from coming into this house. Everyone who knows me buys me yarny things and I’m not going to discourage that. But fair warning, that yarn may be for someone else 🙂

So simple really, I want to see if I can bring a little light into the world. Spread a little love to find my way back to myself.

I want list is much bigger. I want to highlight knitters on Instagram who make me smile. I want to send gifts to people who inspire me, who help me not only find a creative outlet but also the thing that brings me peace. I want to highlight a charity each month and have projects that coincide – the problem with this is that once I started researching charities I found loads that I love and would want to share. I want to send handwritten letters and take the time to tell people how they make me feel, which is normally like being wrapped in a hand knit blanket…with handmade socks, tea, a roaring fire, classical music and my cat on my lap not being an a**hole.

There will be more posts, more updates and if this grows (like I’m dreaming it will) more and more love to share. I have only one expectation – that one person, yes one, will see/read/hear about this in the next 13 months and suddenly feel a little kinder, a little more like giving to others.

One Year (Sock) Anniversary!

I am going to completely sidestep the fact that I have not blogged since May. I am not going to mention the ongoing guilt I have for not keeping up with this blog because there are, truly, so many things I want to write about. I am just going to bask in the glory that is October 18th – which is the day I finished my first pair of socks last year!

It’s hard to imagine that its been an entire year since that first pair of socks came sliding clumsily off my double pointed needles. I thought I would never finish that first pair, but as it turns out their completion started an obsession that has lead to 29 pairs of finished socks …. 29! Five for my husband, three for my Dad, four for friends and the rest reside in my sock drawer.

Double points, two circulars and magic loop. Patons, Lions Brand, Plymouth, Serenity, Regia and Trekking. Toe-up, Top-down and the ill-fated two-at-a-time …. Seems I’ve made a pretty good dent in my sock education. I’ve still yet to make a patterned sock but I seem no worse for wear on this – I love the ease of a simple stockinette sock. There is a mindless joy of looking down and realizing you’re creating something functional and that the knitting has calmed your mind to a pleasant zen-like state.

So please allow me to share with you a year of obsessive sock knitting and as always, I cannot wait till next years recap!

What a finished pair looks like. It smells like victory though!

What a finished pair looks like. It smells like victory though!

Second Pair of Socks

Second Pair of Socks

They are almost perfect!

They are almost perfect!

My Dad's First Sock.

My Dad’s First Sock.

First pair of finished socks for 2014!

First pair of finished socks for 2014!


Singin' the Blues Socks

Singin’ the Blues Socks

Feet - and that is my ceiling ;)

Feet – and that is my ceiling 😉

Opal Socks.

Opal Socks.

Patons Socks

Patons Socks

Afterthought Heel

Afterthought Heel

I LOOOVE these socks!

I LOOOVE these socks!

Prince Charming Needs More Socks!

Prince Charming Needs More Socks!

Two at a time madness.

Two at a time madness.

Perfect for Hiking!

Perfect for Hiking!

Prince Charming Needs Socks!

Prince Charming Needs Socks!

Regia Socks!!

Regia Socks!!

Neon Gum ball Socks

Neon Gum ball Socks

Cashmere for a sick friend!

Cashmere for a sick friend!

Monet's Watercolors

Monet’s Watercolors

Easter Egg Rainbow - I like it!

Easter Egg Rainbow – I like it!

A Night in the Woods

A Night in the Woods



The Hubby

The Hubby

They Glow in the Dark! (not really but darn close)

They Glow in the Dark! (not really but darn close)

Serenity Sock Yarn

Serenity Sock Yarn

Celestial Blues

Celestial Blues

 Plymouth Stiletto Sparkly Socks.

Plymouth Stiletto Sparkly Socks.

I want to leave you with this. Happiness, in part, is a full sock drawer!

 Happiness is a full sock drawer.

Happiness is a full sock drawer.

May’s Month of Knitting

I was worried I didn’t have much to blog about this month, until I looked at my Ravelry page and realized that I actually got a lot done! It’s amazing how you can forget something you put so much love into, but the stresses of life make those moments fleeting. Anywho, let’s get right down to all the goodies I got to make this month!

Echo’s Cowl


  • Pattern: Honey Cowl (free on Ravelry!) by Antonia Shankland
  • Yarn: Red Heart Unforgettable in Echo – Size 8US needles
  • Verdict: This is the second time I’ve done this pattern because the results are just lovely – the yarn on the other hand was a trial. It is acrylic (sorry) with a soft single spin, which made the loose stitches rather difficult to work with. It turned out beautiful, softly muted pastel colors, but I don’t think I would recommend this yarn for this pattern.

Miss Patti’s Scarf


  • Pattern: MissMarple Scarf by SusanneS-vV
  • Yarn: Vanna’s Choice in Dusty Pink – Size 7US and 9US needles
  • Verdict: The scarf is adorable and exactly what Patti wanted and needed (she can only tolerate acrylic yarn). I saw this design knitted by @lollyknitsdesigns on Instagram and it was gorgeous – check it out if you want to see what a different type of yarn can do for this pattern.

Socks! Socks! SOCKS!!

Two at a time madness.

Two at a time madness.

Regia Socks!!

Regia Socks!!

Perfect for Hiking!

Perfect for Hiking!

Prince Charming Needs Socks!

Prince Charming Needs Socks!

Oh Jeez …I made four pairs of socks this month!

THE Peruvian Central


  • Pattern: Peruvian Central by Susan Ashcroft (Stitchnerd)
  • Yarn: Malabrigo Sock Yarn in Pocion
  • Verdict: LOVE! The pattern is really quite simple and adding the beads gave me even more time to enjoy the fantastic yarn because beads really slow me down.
  • My Modifications:


    The first placement of beads was on the RS only on the K1 between the yos.

    On the WS (purling back row), I placed a bead on the stitch that was the double decrease. This way, it shows up on the RS. This was the only time I did this.

    On the two edges, I began placing them on in the second RS row, once there was a knitted stitch that would be next to the yo. I continued to place them on the stitch next to the yo on each row.

    7 pattern repeats = 378 beads

    Binding off:
    I bound off on the RS using the extra stretchy bind off.

A Day Off of Knitting

My Day Off of Knitting

My Day Off of Knitting

I’m not sure how to present this but I will give it my best shot. In one day off I made 2 ruffle scarves (*sigh*), a baby hat and a long bulky cowl. More info about projects if your interested HERE. This is me trying to get ready for selling season, it is June after all 😉

Crooked Paths 

Crooked Paths 1

Crooked Paths 1

Crooked Paths 2

Crooked Paths 2

Springtime Reverie


  • Pattern: Reverie by Amy Swenson
  • Yarn: Lion Brand Sock Yarn in Snow Cone
  • Verdict: I like that the pattern was simple and very intuitive, it became a very mindless knit. I am thinking that the reason I don’t like the beret is the yarn. Lion Brand Sock-Ease has, well, too much ease. There is really no structure to this yarn and it is just so limp! The pattern is free, and if I make it again I will try a better structured yarn.

Springtime Bandit


  • Pattern: Springtime Bandit by Kate Gagnon Osborn
  • Yarn: Caron Simply Soft in Autumn Red
  • Verdict: (This is a free pattern so I’m not spoiling the secret sauce!) I did an extra repeat on Chart B which made this shawl a monster! That and the fact that acrylic yarn doesn’t like to block left me a little disappointed with the outcome which stinks because it is a beautiful pattern. Luckily my grandmother saw it, ripped it off my dummy and took it home. Word to the wise, if you can afford it use a real fiber!

 Bulk Knitting

Here are the things I am always making in bulk for the store or for charity. Basically, I have no idea how many of these things I have made! They are all over my house, just begging to be counted!

If you’ve made it to the end good for you! Thank you so much for looking at a months worth of work. Dear friends and neighbors, here is to hoping for more time to play with fiber, to read blogs and to enjoy each others company!

The Last Birthday of My 20s & Finished Objects

My 29th birthday was actually December 27th, but I resisted the urge to post that day. We found out a friend has stage 4 cancer and I didn’t want it to be a whiny, self-indulgent post. Things have settled a bit and that means it is time to get back on the blogging horse. Let’s start with what I’ve finished since my last post, it’s my birthday (weekend) and I will post how I want to! 😉

 ~ Some Finished Objects ~

1) The first one is yet another Christmas Stocking. You’ve seen pictures of them in my last post so I won’t bore you again.

A Shameless Seflie.

A Shameless Seflie.

2) This is the Podcaster Cowl by Susan Ashcroft. I made it with Lions Brand Vanna’s Choice Worsted in Dusty Green. I LOVE this cowl! It has been a while since I’ve done a pattern that has a written, 24 row repeat (which I thought would be annoying but wasn’t at all) so I was a bit slow going at first – until I saw the first leaf come together. When that leaf popped out at me I was off, I couldn’t wait to get to the next leaf, before I knew it I’d been up for 22 hours and my cowl was done. All things considered I don’t look too scary in that picture. Also, this cowl in a worsted, slightly variegated Malabrigo would be breathtakingly beautiful!

Legwarmers are great for watching movies - and keeping your legs warm.

Legwarmers are great for watching movies – and keeping your legs warm.

3) Obviously, these are leg warmers ;). For whatever reason my Mom loves leg warmers and is demanding them in high quantities. She’s not making a (horrible) fashion statement, her legs just get really cold when she is driving our out in the weather. T

This is my own little tube design. The top is a 1by1 rib that goes over the knee and will stay there securely. I balloon out the calf section because she has big calves (a floor nurse for 30 years has given her very strong legs) and the ankle is a decreased section in 2by2 rib so it will fit securely across her ankle. The finished decisions are; thigh 16″, calf 20″, ankle 12.4″ and the total length is just over 20″. They are not pretty, but what the Mom wants…the Mom gets!


Chemo hat design pattern.


Designing cable-y goodness.

This is the really similar to the cabled hat I made for my first custom order – I just took out the cables I didn’t like and replaced them with new ones. As a result, the hat doesn’t have any weird bulges or gaps. Who wants that on their head? It’s made with Red Heart Soft Yarn in Aqua Verde. I did the pattern on 4.0mm and 4.5mm needles (US 6 and US 7) up to 6″ and then began the decrease. As you can see, it is really tight on my head – which means it’ll be perfect for someone with no hair. The color has a bit of a sheen to it and I really like the color ….  all in all pretty happy with it.

~ My Sock in Progress ~


Magic Loop CAN be Magical!

This is my own, weird sock formula – meaning I am stealing bits from all sorts of sock patterns until it fits me just right. Sometimes I feel like Goldie Locks trying to make a sock…. Anyway, the yarn is Patons Socks Yarn in Aqua Jacquard. My plan when I finished my “perfect” sock was to knit it in something a little more expensive, but I actually really like this yarn. I’ve been wearing (and washing) my first two pairs of socks all month-long and they look just like they did when they came off the needles – so why mess with something that works? Higher end sock yarn will come, but for now my Patons and I are very happy.

Also, for the first time in my entire knitting history, I am using magic loop – Huzzah! I went on YouTube and found a video I liked and off I went. I think the 40″ cord is a little fiddley (I found it sifting through my destroyed yarn stash after the pipe bursts, no idea what I had it for) but I am getting the hang of it. I am really looking forward to turning the instep, I just haven’t picked up those stitches since turning the heel. Also, with long, pointy needles I 1) don’t break them and 2) can knit backwards on the heel turn – something I’ve been dying to put into practice.

~ My Birthday ~

This post is getting pretty long, so thank you for hanging in there. I guess, from a knitting perspective, the best way to get what you want for your birthday is make a list. Non knitters have no clue what to get you, and how could they? So, to avoid getting two bags of yarn that someone got for $2.00 at a yard sale and thought it was priceless, make a list 😉

One more amazing thing friends and neighbors! I did get an AMAZING birthday present from a near and dear friend of mine that I am dying to brag about. May I present….MY NEW YARN PET!


Almost 1,000 words and time to sign off. Have a great rest of your weekend and I hope to see you all really, really soon!

The Katniss Cowl Revealed!

Check it out – it’s AMAZING!!


I knew that this was destined to be mine from the moment I saw the first Catching Fire trailer.

Introducing the Katniss Cowl…

Katniss Cowl 1

I have to say, I love Katniss Everdeen. Unlike a lot of heroines in YA fiction, she is tough and takes care of herself. However, she’s still human, and she has many loving relationships that mean everything to her. She has a balance that I feel like a lot of female characters lack. While she spends most of the books kicking ass and taking names, she’s not just a stereotypical Amazon. She has depth, and we can understand her feelings, even if she can get a little angsty at times. (What teenager doesn’t? Even if they aren’t destined to save the world.) As awful as it would be to live in the dystopian future that is the setting for the Hunger Games, Katniss can handle anything (and…

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Friday Update



Because so many of you were kind enough to ask, here’s the word from the doctor this morning:

She said pre-cancerous means that the spot they got is all set – no need for more work on it. But, I have three more smaller ones that look like the larger one, so they will come off at the end of the month. A got a good look at them, and so she will look for more on me like them. Hopefully, there aren’t any.

Other updates – stopped at the PO this morning and got my mystery box from Rachel at All Night Knitter… HOLY COW!!! Rachel, this box is amazing! You totally went crazy, and I will love using it ALL. And silly as this may seem – the scissors are perfect, because I can take them in my carry-on bag when I go to Phoenix next week! I…

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Yarn along – Week 28 – The Hunger Games Cowl and some lace socks

I think we are getting somewhere, this looks incredible! Good God I ♥LOVE♥ the blogging community!

Travelling the world... and much more

Joining Ginny for the Yarn Along, here is what I knitted and read this week: After stumbling about the question on how to possible knit the cowl Katniss wears on one of the posters for the new Hunger Games movie I thought I just might come up with a pattern. Hunger-Games-Cowl-and-The-Culture-of-Knitting

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Rachel’s Brother Here

Rachel and Trevor just called to tell us they may be longer than expected. The place they were staying flooded and they cannot get out. They were going to come home yesterday but its only gotten worse.
The guy who rents us the cabin knows us so the isn’t charging so they’re basically getting a big LNG free break. My daughter said I needed to blog so here it is, she also says hi.
And fr the record, she and Trevor did make it the whole 24hrs and still have stuff to read. And for Rachel when you get back, pls don’t ask me to go this again.

Rachel’s Brother Here

Trevor has taken my little sister out of town for a surprise for there weddin anniversary, I think it is there 7th. She asked me to post her reading blog but I don’t know how and there’s no service where they are, hope she’s not pissed when she gets back.

She also wanted me to say that she and Trevor will be reading for 24hours straight thus weekend – hope that means something to you guys. Ok, job fulfilled – my gift to my baby sister.

Your Mood & Your Gauge – A Psychological Study

– Not to sound desperate but Please Read This: I need input! –

The panic monster in my head started screaming at me one dreary morning this week, it was a litany of “you swatched this, why can’t you do anything right?” and “do you even know how to knit”. Well Panic Monster, I did a little study and proved that you are seriously messing up my knitting.

The back story to this diatribe is that a few weeks ago I designed a pattern for a baby blanket. I swatched, double checked, changed sizes to accommodate my misbehaving hand and put it aside knowing it would be ready when I went to cast on. So on Monday I did just that, I proceeded to cast on a whopping 244 stitches and went full speed ahead fully intending on pumping out this blanket. To my horror, the blanket felt stiff and tight. No longer was this the soft, airy, loose baby blanket I had envisioned, honestly the silly thing felt more like a rug than a blanket. I doubled checked all my notes and my swatch, I was doing exactly what I had planned. No deviation from the original swatch. So what happened?

The psychology major in me (one of my many degrees screams my OCD, type-A rattled mind) decided that my hand was not to blame for this one, my brain was the culprit. When I originally did my swatch I was relaxed; the weather was beautiful so the windows were open, I was as well rested as I get and Max was curled in my lap mesmerized by the yarn moving inches from his face. All was good in my brain the day of the swatch. On Monday, the day after Mother’s Day, I still felt emotionally hung over from once again not being a Mom. I was tense, upset, hadn’t slept well and had consumed copious amounts of caffeine. You can guess what comes next.

My Panic Monster was messing with my knitting.

I frogged the blanket and did another swatch, appalled by the fact I needed needles two sizes bigger to achieve the same effect. For all you non-knitters out there, two sizes is a huge difference – just picture needing shoes two sizes bigger. Two sizes…what are you supposed to do with that? and how much of this has affected my other knitted items? I have never noticed a finish product looking awkward or clunky, so how do you proceed?

Well, there are sedative….Just kidding. Kind of. You’ll see.

I spent the week doing the same swatch while experiencing the following emotions: Exhaustion (up for more than 19 hours), Happiness, Calmness, Sedation (a happy little pill to calm the Panic Monster that I rarely use, but after Mother’s Day I was a mess for several days) and Extreme Anxiety. I would come back to my needles during these emotions, knit the original swatch and then proceed to correct it with the appropriate needles. The results were a tad jarring.

Swatch: 10rows by 10rows should be 4″ by 4″ on size 7 needles.

  1. Exhaustion: Swatch was 5″ by 5.4″. Desired swatch size had to be changed to size 6 needles with increase in tension.
  2. Happiness: Swatch was 4″ by 4″. No changes necessary. Also no surprise.
  3. Calmness: Swatch was 4″ by 4.6″. Only slight correction in tension needed.
  4. Sedation: Swatch was 6.2″ by 8.7! Changed to size 5 needles rendered a product of 5″ by 5.4″. Changed to size 4 needles 4.1″ by 4.2″. Once tension was correct the product was 4″ by 4″.
  5. Extreme Anxiety: Swatch was 2.8″ by 3.1″. Change to size 9 needles resulted in 3.9″ by 3.8″. Consideration with tension and yet another swatch led me to size 10 needles which was 4.1″ by 4.1″.

I am rarely sedated so I’ve dismiss this as a duh! moment, if you are fuzzy and loopy of course your knitting isn’t going to be tight. That’s why it’s not a good idea to knit while drunk, one of the many good ideas :). It was the Extreme Anxiety swatch that scares me; as I move my knitting to sweaters, shrugs and socks my anxiety could produce a product that is never going to fit right. How can you correct for the Panic Monster?

What I have noticed is that my knitting relaxes me. So I asked a nurse at work to watch my vitals during a panic attack; everyone I work with already knows about my Panic Monster and I have never felt ashamed of it. Thank God for nurses, oh hell, hospital staff in general. Nothing surprises them. Anyway,  after about 20 minutes of straight knitting I am calmer, my heart rate slows and my blood pressure drops. So I have come to the conclusion that I need to be knitting something simple for about 20 minutes before moving on to the more complex, more complicated types of knitting to ensure that my gauge is correct. I am going to have to do the same thing before I swatch a pattern out so that I can avoid more frogging.

Yowzer. What a week.

So, friends and neighbors who manage to get through my ramblings I would like to ask a few questions. Have anything like this happened to you? Do you find that your swatches can vary from one day to the next? How do you work through the process of ensuring that what you are knitting will be the exact shape and size that it needs to be?

An Award? Seriously!

I never expected to receive an award for blogging, especially from a blog I admire so much. Thank you so much to Organize and Craft for this, I love your blog and still cannot believe you actually read mine! 🙂


I’m going to copy from there what this award is all about…

So.. here are the rules:

If you are nominated, you’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger award.

  •  Thank the person who gave you this award. That’s common courtesy. (Done)
  •  Include a link to their blog. That’s also common courtesy — if you can figure out how to do it. (Done)
  •  Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly. ( I would add, pick blogs or bloggers that are excellent!)
  •  Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award — you might include a link to this site. (Done)
  •  Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself. (Done)

-My list of 15 blogs-

  1. Movies Silently
  2. Knitting Rays of Hope
  3. yarnycakes
  4. Bright Moments Catcher
  5. Sara Crafts
  6. Lottieknits
  7. HarsH ReaLiTy
  8. Palestine Rose
  9. craftyclairy
  10. theverybesttop10
  11. feelgoodknitting
  12. creativelycarolyn
  13. A Little Blog of Books and Other Stuff
  14. WinterOwls
  15. pacificparatrooper

-And Now… 7 Things About Myself…-

  1. Serious caffeine addiction, especially Diet Coke.
  2. I consider myself a connoisseur of horror movies.
  3. My childhood hero was my Papaw (my Mom’s Dad).
  4. I have broken 24 bones in 10 years…Super Klutzy.
  5. I play the ukulele…saw it in Blue Valentine and HAD to learn.
  6. I speak fluent French, which is super useful in Ohio!
  7. I have a weakness for Lego’s, particularly the architecture series.

Submission Guidelines

Super excited about this.

The Digital Lightroom

When you’re ready to submit your picture to the DLR Photography Competition, follow these few simple steps..

  • Ensure your picture is in JPEG format.
  • If possible, resize your image to 1000 pixels in width or 1000 pixels in height if portrait.  Most photo processing programs have a resize facility that allows you to specify pixel width and height.
  • Rename your file to include your name and the title of the picture.  To rename a file in Windows, right-click on the image, select ‘rename’ from the drop down menu and type your name and the title of your picture in the box. Press return or left click to close the editor. On a Mac, click on the file, hit the return key and then type in the new details.

Rename File

  • Email your image to  It is very important to include photo submission in the subject box.  Gmail filters are used…

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Week 2 Stitch Pattern

Ok, I will admit that I am smidgen late with the new stitch pattern but here it is!

My GG wrote this pattern but didn’t name where she found it or what it is originally called. I know that the pattern was used over the years for Barbie clothes, afghans and dishcloths for years and years. It is slightly raised and incredibly simple to do. Doing this pattern myself was such a hoot, it was like being close to her again.

ImageWho said simple can’t be amazing! I would also like to add the the cloths that she made still are used in kitchens in this family all over the county. It is durable and simple, with a twist.

Enjoy week 2, I had a blast!


It’s 3:00 am and it is SNOWING!!!!

Poor Bird Feeder

It is late and the world is quiet. I, however, have music blasting and my needles clacking. The snow really started to come down in earnest around midnight and now it is just coating the world. It makes everything seems so peaceful, snow is like a mute button in the world. 

There isn’t a whole lot I can do with my camera at night, but I was able to Photoshop this image of our backyard so that you can see that we’ve got maybe 3″ of snow in four hours. Living in the midwest this winter has been magical!

I’ve been knitting like a mad woman today, planning on going through my stash and WIP’s tomorrow. Honestly, I am dreading it and putting it off. I HATE not using yarn that I have. My local knitting store, or Mecca if you prefer here is Knitter’s Mercantile and they alway accept donations of yarn for the women’s shelter in town. There is also a great donation program with the nursing homes and assisted living homes in town that accept donations. My great grandmother spent my entire life in an assisting living home in Huntington, WV and was ALWAYS knitting. I just hope that someone gets to enjoy the yarn as much as she always did.

Getting ready to update all the new pictures I’ve taken and cannot wait to reveal the week 2 stitch pattern.

Hope all of you out there are getting your beauty sleep. I will be here, watching the snow and keeping my knitting needles warm!

* Visit for more information on their Knitting Mecca and for their blog. Amazing resources for knitters of all levels.

Night of the Living Dummies….and Foam Heads



It was SUCH a huge surprise to come home today, especially because I thought there was a stranger in my house. Much to my relief it was just a wonderful dressmaker dummy, courtesy of my mother and father in law. When Trevor told them I was hoping to start a business, the first thing my mother in law did was go and find her dressmaker form and insist that I take it. Imagine, my first business model! (Wow, bad joke)



In addition to the dummy, my husband when out and bought two styrofoam heads for me to take pictures of my hats with. It was so touching that my family is so behind me in this endeavor, although poor Max doesn’t seem to know what to do with dummies and fake heads. For now, he is the only family member who doesn’t think this business is a good idea. But he’s a cat, so he’ll adapt.



I am hoping for some sun here in Ohio tomorrow to begin taking pictures of all the finished projects I have just to showcase what I can do. As it stands now, I am furiously knitting all night long to try to establish the things I want to sell. it is so exciting because there is so much family history tied up in these patterns that working just makes me feel wrapped in warm memories of the women in my life who are my inspiration to try harder. My great grandmother (my GG) would be so proud. 

Not too long until the next stitch pattern comes out! Until then, feel free to visit my Ravelry page for more pictures of finished projects and all sorts of wonderful things on the needles. Still Learning how to put in a link ( I know, so much to learn, but I’ll get there!)

1 New Stitch Pattern a Week

I have been entertaining the idea of building a shop on for about a year now, and I have finally decided to jump in and do it! And by jump in I mean design some sort of business plan, pick my favorite things to give as presents to sell to others and test out a few ideas I’ve had brewing. So maybe jump in isn’t the right phrase, maybe just decide to do it.

What really inspired me was the knitting patterns from Tiny Owl Knits and the beautiful things I have gotten to make because of their store. I LOVE every single pattern they have and I thought maybe I could put things out there that people might enjoy as much as their shop. Until I can fully get a handle on how to write patterns that people could actually read, I am going to do a new swatch cloth every week until I have worked through all the ones my great grandmother had in her books. Going through all of her things I have found 24 I think and that is a good place to start.

Updates on my store, my products and my new endeavor to come.