Dear Panic Monster,

You may have my attention after a particularly rough day, but I think I have you beat. It started with part of my oven falling on my hand that ended up with me in the Emergency Room – hyperventilating. My hand is all better, stuck full of drugs and relieved of it’s swelling it is the only thing that feel alright right now. OCD sucks, I know there are worse things but I will be damned if I can think of them right now. Thank God for Dragon Dictate. So, to calm my

troubled mind here is a list of my favorite authors from A to Z.


Ah…sweet release. Just thinking about ole curmudgeonly Maugham makes me feel so much better! I never noticed that my authors are almost exclusively male and I find that rather odd, maybe it is time to give some female writers a bump on my “to read” list.


2 thoughts on “Authors

  1. Hannah Rose

    “Just thinking about ole curmudgeonly Maugham makes me feel so much better!” Haha!
    Good taste. Hunter S. Thompson, my favorite writer of all time, and an invaluable teacher through my teen years and early 20s.

    As for female authors, I think you’d love and appreciate Toni Morrison, Shirley Jackson, Isabel Allende, and Daphne du Maurier.

    1. allnightknits Post author

      “Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again” (shiver), Mrs. Danvers was an evil….scary old coot! I love du Maurier, but nothing topped Rebecca for me. I’ve never read Toni Morrison but she’s most definitely on the list. Joyce Carol Oats is on my list as well.

      The others I am claiming woeful ignorance, I’ve always gravitated toward male writers – that bring said Goodreads is going to be put to good use today.

      LOVE Thompson, but as an emetophob sometimes reading is stuff was a struggle. I would force myself, but it would make feel uneasy.

      Too much fun!! We should start a book club!


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