Favorite Books

When my OCD decided to rear it’s big ugly head I try to do things that I find comforting, usually this is reading or knitting. Sometimes though, no matter how hard I try, the panic monster jumps all over my concentration and I have to try something else. Making lists has always been a go-to when the panic monster comes out to play and since being inspired by the A to Z Challenge on Daily (w)rite I came up with my favorite books from A to Z.

So suck it OCD! Here are some of my favorite books from A to Z. By the way, X is a really butt kicker!


5 thoughts on “Favorite Books

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  2. Glenda

    Flame and the Flower….I didn’t think anyone admitted to liking, much less reading(!) this book. It was my first “Romance” book (love) Still have it. I read it when I was 17, so the unbelievably settled and calm 18 year-old character was totally believable because she was older. Don’t care. I think I’m going to read it again!

    1. allnightknits Post author

      I don’t believe in “reading shame”! There is too much good out there for me to deny that I like it!

      Read it again, it get’s better each time you read it 🙂

      1. Glenda

        I probably know it better than you – ha! lol The binding on this beat up paperwork is totally worn out. We’ve given it good run for its money. 😉


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