Week 2 – Unnamed and Unwritten

Stitch Pattern Dishcloth

Stitch Pattern Dishcloth

This is my second post, and again no name and no source. I vaguely remember being hunched over my needles with this yarn, desperate to achieve the perfection in the stitches that GG as able to do so easily. As such, it took 2 whole days to create a dishcloth – which is hysterical.

I remember seeing baby afghans with this pattern growing up, it was a simple go-to for GG, like cooking pasta is at my house. Warm, easy and super comforting. I will say that the yarn for week one and two were from her stash, still excellently preserved in my grandparents basement – eagerly awaiting the newest knitter to turn it into something more than it already was.

Sometimes I think that if yarn had a voice, or a thought, it would incredibly desperate for attention. This yarn had been neglected for so many years it crying for to be noticed, it needed a new owner and that owner turned out to be me.

I am a lucky girl indeed.


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