The Arthritic Knitter

I am currently working on the story about how was told I would never have a functioning right (and dominate) hand again. I may be 28 and arthritic, but I can work with almost anything!

Stay tuned….


10 thoughts on “The Arthritic Knitter

    1. allnightknits Post author

      I’m looking forward to writing it! I just need to figure out how to do,it so it 1) doesn’t make injuries sound like the worlds toughest battle (which it certainly isn’t ) and 2) not scare people because it took so long! I hope what gets out there is encouraging. Thank you so much for stopping by!

      1. Steve

        I know exactly what you mean. I try to be very careful when I write anything about my disability and other health problems. There’s a need for people to understand limitations that may be forced on them suddenly, but they also need to know that many perceived limitations can be overcome in some way or other. It’s a difficult line to walk.

        1. allnightknits Post author

          I couldn’t have put that more eloquently if I had all day to try. Suddenly being faced with something life altering in any degree is traumatic by definition alone. So, approaching it in the right light while remaining honest has been a struggle. Honestly I’ve been trying to write it for a few weeks and end up deleting everything and starting over.
          You’ve given me hope though, thank you for that. Good vibes coming your way from the Buckeye State!

          1. Steve

            I’m sure you could, but thank you 🙂 In fact, you say it very well straight away! Believe me, just keep writing and trust your instincts. Don’t make the mistake of thinking “That’s not how [so-and-so] would write it”. Be you. That’s what’s important. Write from the heart and the rest will follow. Don’t overthink it 😉

            I’m delighted if you feel more hope now. Remember the key: write, write, write. There are no magic tricks beyond that 🙂

            Thanks 🙂

  1. sweatyknitter

    No matter what is going on with your hand, I urge you not to let anybody put you in the “disabled” category … I had very limited functioning in both my hands for over a year, and I came to see myself as “otherwise abled” or “differently abled.” I could still do many things with my hands – but differently, both in style and pace! (I never discuss this on my blog; I view my health “issues” as very private.) My thoughts are with you as you make your way on this. 🙂

    1. allnightknits Post author

      I understand about wanting to keep your medical issues private – I still find it strange that I talk about it so much on my blog.

      After my accident I lost all functionality in my right hand. I couldn’t eat, write, lift, or move my fingers. It took well over a year to get even the basics back and it is a constant struggle with pain/swelling, and sometimes the nerve damage from the swelling makes my hand feel like it is on fire.

      I guess I talk about it because a bunch of doctors decided that I would never be able to use the hand again and just gave up. It pissed me off (pardon my french) and I started trying anything and everything to get it back. It’s not all there, but the doctors can suck it 😉

  2. Sweaty Knitter

    Good for you! Well, you do what you need to do to take care of yourself – emotionally, physically, spiritually etc. Sometimes it involves doctors, sometimes it doesn’t! 🙂


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