The Joy of Socks

This is something new, trying to post a blog from my iPhone.

I would like to add a great big thank you to this post to my parents. They bought me a cell phone (a ridiculously nice cell phone)  and put me on their because they wanted me to be able to call them from the hospital – where my father-in-law is currently residing. I never really got the whole cell phone thing, I can take it or leave it – but their generosity is unremitting.

So, I finished another pair of socks! Once again I’ve gone with Patons Kroy Sock Stripes , this time in Blue Striped Ragg. I love these socks, I mean I always love socks but these were just so much fun to watch knit up. Stripes are amazing, you think “one more color, one more color” and before you know it you have a sock! Same pattern (Knitmore Girls Vanilla Socks) same technique (magic loop) same amazing outcome (socks). 🙂

Oh Sarah, the things you have helped me accomplish! Sarah, and her #sockswithsarah KAL has made me a sock making monster – it’s amazing!

Next up, a pair for the hubby. I am going to to a little more shaping in the calf section, but other than that I am keeping to the formula I have fallen in love with. After his pair is finished though, I think it is time to jump into the unknown waters of toe-up socks, two at a time socks or Spiceman Socks. Who knows!

Okay, this feels a little too weird as a writing platform. Till next time friends and neighbors!

15 thoughts on “The Joy of Socks

  1. jengolightly

    These are gorgeous! I love them! Nice work! Hope you’re all bearing up, it is hard with someone you love in hospital! X

  2. missraa

    I was cell phone resistant until 2003, when my stepfather was dying. My friend bought me a pay as you go phone so my mother could get me anytime she needed me. She got the same phone so I could show her how to use it. It saved her so much trouble. She could send a group text to let people know how he was doing, which meant that she could eat dinner instead of spending hours calling everyone. She could text or call me to meet her for coffee when she wanted a break away from the hospice, and didn’t need change, or be able to find a call box. Soon, you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

  3. Leah the socks!! You are so right about knitting stripes. It’s addictive! Second..yes, blogging from the phone rocks! I really like the wordpress app for it…I’ve written posts while carpooling to work. Makes it easier to get more posts up!

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