Stitch Pattern Week 11 & The Goofy Hat That Lead to Entrelac Knitting

It’s that time again friends and neighbors! GG has left me with yet another cryptic knitting pattern to decipher for your viewing pleasure. So with no further adieu, Stitch Pattern Week 11 – The Diagonal Rib Stitch!

Diagonal Rib-Darkened.

Diagonal Rib-Darkened.

The past few weeks I have knitted with white yarn, which has been hard to translate on film – hard for me at least – so this week I went back to my Sea Glass colors and rocked out a very pretty dishcloth. Unfortunately, this is also hard to see as well, but it gave me the opportunity to play with some filters to see if I could improve it. Now you get to be the judge.

So GG – What pain is in store for me this week? Be gentle, it’s already been pretty rough!

* * The Diagonal Rib Stitch * *

. . . . – The Diagonal Rib Stitch (Once again no pattern name, but I found it on Stitchopedia on my  iPad of all places).

-k2p2 – Row 1: *K2, P2; rep from * till end (Okay, not to shabby so far, feeling a bit cocky!).

-again – Row 2: Rep. row 1 (Still feeling pretty good about myself).

k1p2k2 then p2k1 – Row 3: K1, *P2, K2; rep. from * till last 3 stitches, end P2, K1 (Come on now, I frogged this twice before I figured out my stitches should be leaning. Give a great-granddaughter a break here!).

-p1k2p2 then k2p1 – Row 4: P1, *K2, P2; rep. from * till last 3 stitches, end K2, P1 (At least with row 3 figured out this didn’t hurt that much).

-p2k2 – Row 5: *P2, K2; rep. from * till end (Smooth sailing, maybe I deserve a cookie!).

-again – Row 6: Rep. Row 5 (Alright damn it, I am going to go get that cookie!).

-43over (I shouldn’t have gotten my cookie so soon….so sad. This is where the stitch dictionary came in handy. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Thank Heavens for the Internet!)

Row 7: Rep. row 4.

Row 8: Rep. row 3.

A simple repeat of these 8 rows really did created a fun, visually interesting dishcloth. The sea glass colors really helped it pop and I recommend this pattern to anyone of any skill level just for something new to try.

 ♥ * * * * * * * * * * * *  ♥

  – The Hat That Turned To A New Skill –

So last week I went on a bit of a hat spree, first with the OSU Buckeye Hats and then with another, less successful attempt. The pattern came from Holiday Knits, a book I have rather enjoyed up to this point, which made the disappointment all the more acute. I will take full responsibility for NOT swatching this project, the yarn I was using was the same weight, but a very different (much cheaper) fiber. So the soft, fluffy goodness that this hat was supposed to encompass turned into an ultra long, ultra heavy, super goofy looking disappointment.

As you can plainly see, this thing is HEAVY! I took pictures of both my husband and I wearing it, but I am just a little shy of showing off that embarrassment. Either way, I know come winter I will wear this hat – I cannot stand to think of it going to waste – but I’ve learned to embrace my goofiness.

Anywho, this lead to another problem – what to do with the leftover yarn? There wasn’t enough to make a scarf but too much for just one normal size hat (e.g. a hat not made for giants) so I had to find something else productive to use it for. This is when I logged on to my Craftsy account and realized that I still hadn’t taken the Entrelac Knitting Class. Common sense would say that if there was yarn to spare that had already turned out poorly, why not try to make something constructive out of this experience.

I am almost done with the class and it has been awesome! The teacher is fun and easy to follow, the directions are clear and simple, and there is the added benefit of getting to see how to knit without turning your work. This really appeals to me because you don’t just use your right hand, you used your left as well. If I could learn how to do this it would take a phenomenal amount of strain of my bad hand (in theory) and if not I get to gloat that I learned how to do something new. Gloat may be the wrong word, but you get the point. I’m not done yet but I will leave you with a picture collage (oh how I love collages) just so you can see where I am so far.

Entrelac Process So Far

Entrelac Process So Far

I think that’s it for me tonight, but as always I would like to end with a question. So, friends and neighbors, is there a new skill you wish to acquire or are currently learning? I didn’t even know you could knit with both needles till yesterday so I am intrigued!

31 thoughts on “Stitch Pattern Week 11 & The Goofy Hat That Lead to Entrelac Knitting

  1. greatbigdragon

    I always thought there might be a way to knit with both needles, but I never had the guts to try it because it was way down on my list. I’ve got tube socks down, next is heel socks, then gloves, if I haven’t squared that away yet, then crazy stuff. Now that I know it really exists and is called entrelac, I can add that in above the crazy stuff. 🙂

    1. allnightknits Post author

      I’ve yet to try socks, it’s honestly the next thing on my list. It’s just so daunting to make two things the same size! I’ve always been one of those knitters that finds oddities and runs with it. 3D wall art has been my new thing:)

  2. Janet

    Love the dishcloth colors. I’ll have to try the diagonal rib stitch. I’ve tried entrelac, but not with two colors. I may check out that Craftsy class.

    1. allnightknits Post author

      I don’t think I would have had any success with entrelac if I’d used only one color. It seems daunting trying to keep one color going smoothly!
      Thank you for the comment and I’m glad you like the colors, this giant Sugar and Cream skein is my favorite!

  3. Val

    I really love that rib pattern. I am going to have to try it. I have this amazing red yarn that’s just sitting g in my craft bin that I don’t know what to do with, I’ll have to make something with that pattern.

    And I’m totally intreaged by your new knitting looks awesome, I can’t wait to see it when its done.

  4. cubbyholes

    I like the hat! I understand, tho. I have a winter hat that I just love, but it has a weird nipple shape on top. It was my first time doing fair isle
    And no way was going to try to rip it. I tucked some under and wear it anyway. Hubby can’t help making a little comment now and then to tease me’ but I wear my hat with pride. You should, too.:-)

  5. lisagono

    I went through a brief but ardent love affair with entrelac right after taking a class. It’s great to use multi-colour yarn with long sections of each colour (like Noro) – then there’s no pesky ends, and the element of surprise!

    1. allnightknits Post author

      I like that, the element of surprise. It seems like this could replace my mindless knitting, since the pattern basically tell me what to do next there is very little thinking involved. Now there is just getting really familiar with it so it can go that way!

    1. allnightknits Post author

      Holy crap that sounds ambitious! I haven’t mastered the whole double sided knitting, so it’s on my list!
      Good luck with your project, I cannot wait to see how it turns out!

  6. Sheryl

    I like the way you shared the results of your experiments with different filters. These pictures encourage me to do more experimentation when I photograph things for my blog.

  7. knitnrun4sanity

    I find it really interesting to see what the different effects you can create on a single photo and how much difference it can make. Your hat looks fab. I am most intrigued by the class you are doing. I think that I may have to look into it. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

    1. allnightknits Post author

      Thank you for saying so, I always worry I am over manipulating the photos.
      The class is fantastic if you’ve never tried entrelac, I felt comfortable with every step and since I own it I can go back whenever I want!
      Thanks for commenting, I do hope you like it!


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