Friday Update



Because so many of you were kind enough to ask, here’s the word from the doctor this morning:

She said pre-cancerous means that the spot they got is all set – no need for more work on it. But, I have three more smaller ones that look like the larger one, so they will come off at the end of the month. A got a good look at them, and so she will look for more on me like them. Hopefully, there aren’t any.

Other updates – stopped at the PO this morning and got my mystery box from Rachel at All Night Knitter… HOLY COW!!! Rachel, this box is amazing! You totally went crazy, and I will love using it ALL. And silly as this may seem – the scissors are perfect, because I can take them in my carry-on bag when I go to Phoenix next week! I…

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4 thoughts on “Friday Update

  1. knitnrun4sanity

    Glad the news was good(ish). My view is it is good to get rid of any possible ones despute the discomfort. At least they will only take the mole and not half your back as they may had they been bad. (speaking from experience). Hope you have a great week. Thanks for the update.:)

    1. salpal1

      knitrun – that is what I was afraid of, I know what it could have meant. Three more spots to come off, hopefully all with the same diagnosis.

      Rachel – right back at you! 🙂


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